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    Isn't Robocop 3 the one where he starts flying ? Plus it's a different actor with 3 names, I believe.

    Robo 2 was not horrible, could have been worse I suppose.

    RoboCop the original is a classic, though ! Love that movie.

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    Robocop 2 in its entirety:

    "CAIN!! I'm looking for CAIN!!!! Where is CAIN???? CAIN!!!! Zzzzzrrrrp. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Zzzzzzrrrp. CAIN!!!! Where is CAIN???? Stay tuned for part 3, kids!"
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    Watched two excellent movies the past couple of nights:

    Se7en - It had been months, if not a year or so, since I had last seen this movie so I decided it was time for another viewing. Everything about this movie is great. Morgan Freeman, the man is brilliant! I'm a huge fan of his (who isn't?) and I think he gives one of his best performances in this movie, next to Shawshank, Unforgiven and Million Dollar Baby (for which he won his Oscar [and I'm not a big fan of MDB, but he did an outstanding job, no doubt]). Freeman absolutely nails the role of Somerset. Brad Pitt, he is good people. I'm not a fan of all of his work, but I do think he gives one of his better performances in Seven; he too does a great job as Detective Mills. Kevin Spacey, man, what a choice there. I kinda wish he got more screen time (I know, but it would have taken away from the movie and wouldn't have worked so well) because he did such a great job for the little amount of screen time he had. R. Lee Ermey also contributes and does a great job as the police captain. I'm not really a fan of Gwyneth Paltrow, but she does some decent acting in this one I guess. Fincher does an outstanding job directing and this is easily my favorite film of his. But yea, everything is very well done, acting, directing, writing, editing, music, everything. Just a quality film.

    Crash - Last night I figured I would just watch this one again (for maybe the third time) as I went to sleep, of course I became sucked into the brilliant story and the way it was being told. I didn't intend on watching the entire movie, or even half of it, but before I knew it, the credits were rolling. Excellent movie that has some very powerful scenes and moments and while I was watching it I couldn't help but to say "Man, this movie is f****** amazing!", several times. The way the stories are inter-connected and how the characters are inter-related is beautifully done. Paul Haggis (writer/director/producer) did an outstanding job in all areas while putting together this masterpiece.
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    Quote Originally Posted by UKWildcat View Post
    Watched two excellent movies the past couple of nights:

    Yep. One of the best "cop" movies ever made. It has a real following with my department since it came out. Funny you should mention it, we were talking about it this morning.
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    I loved se7en until the end. Brad Pitts, whats in the box crap was horrid. If it wasnt for Spacey and Freeman, that would have totally killed the movie for me.

    I watched the Usual Suspects the other night. Another great Spacey Flick. Think i mentioned it already but easily one of the top ten movies ever mad and the best "twist" ending to a movie ever.
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    I liked Letters from Iwo Jima better than Flags of Our Fathers. Kind of refreshing to see the Japanese portrayed in a more realistic light than the usual stereotypes seen in other WWII films.

    The Australian western The Proposition was pretty good. A police captain offers a wanted man the chance at freedom if he hunts down and kills his eldest brother, suspected in the violent killing of a homesteader and his family.
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    Blowing through yet another marathon of The Office Season 2 on DVD...resisting the urge to watch anything from Season 3 on iTunes with the 3 DVD coming out one week from Tuesday.

    I might watch Waiting later and then it's off to Jim Jam's bday bash.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caesar View Post
    Blowing through yet another marathon of The Office Season 2 on DVD...resisting the urge to watch anything from Season 3 on iTunes with the 3 DVD coming out one week from Tuesday.
    I'm also planning on a marathon of THE OFFICE before the 4th season kicks off on september 27th. Probably won't start until I pick up season 3 or maybe the weekend before? We'll see.

    And my Bond marathon picks up after a few week hiatus (which I needed to recover from the God awful "Moonraker")

    "For your eyes only"- A very good Bond film that has a solid plot, action, and is just an overall very good film that feels much more grittier and exciting. I really enjoyed it. ***1/2 out of ****

    "Octo*****"- WAY too long, boring, confusing and cheesy at times. I mean, Bond going undercover as a clown, going Tarzan, and hiding in an ape suit?!? I gotta say that Q's line at the end when he's surrounded by ladies had me laughing hysterically. Overall though, not a good film. ** out of ****

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    Watched a few movies this weekend:

    The Last King of Scotland - Great film; very gripping. Forest Whitaker really delivered in his performance, playing the Ugandan dictator, Idi Amin. I can see why he won the Oscar for best actor in a leading role, he did an outstanding job. James McAvoy (Dr. Garrigan) did a really good job as well. But yeah, the movie was really good. I knew the basic background to the movie before seeing it, but there was a lot to the story that was still very shocking. The way the story was told was and how the plot would unfold was done very well too. Just a good film that really makes you think about 'real world' issues.

    The Fountain - Still kind of up in the air with this one. I want to like it, but at the same time I have some reservations. The movie definitely has some good qualities, one of which is originality... it is also engaging. It is not your typical film. The cinematography was outstanding and really set the tone of the film, and the parallel stories that were being told. However, at times I was kind of bored, which I wasn't expecting because the movie is only 90 minutes long. The boredom did not last long, but it was still present nonetheless. But the story(ies) were good and it was neat to see how they related to one another, especially the ending. Again, the cinematography was amazing, as were the visual effects; this is definitely worth noting. There is a lot to take in with this film and some will probably become confused and/or lost while watching it; I kept up with it but I may end up watching it again at some point, just to take more of it in.

    Van Wilder 2: The Rise of Taj - Ummm... yeah. A movie that probably should have never been made. I may have laughed 5 or so times throughout the entire movie. Two hot chicks, Lauren Cohan and Holly Davidson, was about all this movie had going for it. I like Kal Penn, but he really should have passed on this movie and shot the idea down.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Caesar View Post
    RoboCop the original is a classic, though ! Love that movie.
    I agree...yesterday I purchased the 20th anniversary set that has both the original theatrical version plus an unrated extended cut. Not sure what is in the extended version but I'm going to find out soon.

    Also watched Vacancy earlier today. Pretty decent flick..kept my interest and it has some nice thrills, despite Luke Wilson getting on my nerves at some points.
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