"Paprika"- This animated japanese film is about a dream therapy device that is stole and soon begins to wreak havoc on not only the dream world, but reality as well.

I will say that I loved the animation/art of this flick. It's really gorgeous and a lot of the sequences are amazing. Sadly, the story is really, REALLY confusing at times. I wasn't sure what was going on half of the time and the narrative doesn't help as they jump around from the dream world to reality without much help.

Again, the animation is fantastic. It's just a shame that the story wasn't as concise and clear. Rating- ** out of ****

"Paris, je t'aime"- This delightful film is made up for 18 short films that take place around Paris. Each segment is roughly five minutes long, and features different cast members, different diretors and obviously, a different story.

I really loved the bajesus out of this flick. I thought i'd have a problem with the short story style (get to that in a second), but most of the stories are wonderfully done and we're able to relate to most of the characters we come across.

There are a few low points though; the piece from Gus Van Sant comes to mind, but about 98% of these short films are fantastic. Also, the jilted and fast story telling techniques take a few to get used to, but once you do, you don't even notice the transitions. I really recommend this one. Rating- ***1/2 out of ****