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A medical school professor (Peter Cushing) pays two street bums to supply him with fresh cadavers in the 1960 horror movie The Flesh and the Fiends. Donald Pleasance plays one of the "fiends" in this film, one of many adaptations of the Robert Louis Stevenson story "The Body Snatchers."
AMC was showing this movie just this morning. I caught a bit of it.

Rob Zombie's Halloween. I watched it again to familarize myself with the premise in case one of my buddies wanted to see the sequel this weekend. It's not my favorite horror movie (love the original Halloween). I noticed a lot of bad editing shots throughout the movie, too.

I discovered this old WWII series called the World at War at the library. It was made in the 80s, I think, and uses a lot of news reel footage and interviews. Very interesting. I've watched about Stalingrad and the battle for Berlin, and am watching about D-Day.