A group of students find shelter in a creepy research facility where scientists have been experimenting on a comatose serial killer whose mind invades their dreams in the bad 2006 horror movie Incubus. Tara Reid stars.

A dying vampire (Udo Kier) and his servant travel to Italy in order to find a virgin woman whose blood can cure him in the 1974 gory exploitation flick Blood for Dracula. After finding a suitable family with four beautiful daughters, the unlucky Count discovers that the older marriage-minded girls have all lost their virginity to the handyman (Joe Dallesandro). The nosferatu then sets his sights on the family’s fourteen year-old but the handyman discovers the monster’s scheme and quickly deflowers the girl before Dracula can have her. The movie actually has a scene with Kier crawling on the floor, lapping up the spilled blood from the girl’s broken hymen. Actor / director Roman Polanski has a cameo.