Caine Mutiny sounds good there. I'm interested.

Also I can't wait for The Pacific. I hope it's a lot of pilots' stories and fighter jets because we've seen the ground battles a lot in films like The Thin Red Line (which I plan to watch soon) and Letters From Iwo Jima, which I also plan to watch soon.

I love Band of Brothers every time I watch it, but this is a good ground-forces series. And submarine movies like U-571 rock, but I'm in the mood for great air combat. I'd love to see Mustangs versus Zeros. The story can be set with the Navy in a carrier group. Marines could disembark for shore invasions of the islands on approach to Japan. So there's a lot you could do with The Pacific.

I just really don't want 8-10 episodes all set on Guadalcanal or something like that.