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    Today in class we watched Beowulf. It was kind of a mixed bag. Some of the action was pretty cool, but most of it was over-the-top and too bloody. The animation was weird and distracting; when they try to go super-realistic with humans in CGI, it just ends up looking creepy, at least in this case. The eyes aren't expressive enough and the mouths barely move. The overall movie felt a little disjointed. Not horrible, but not that good, either.
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    I made kids watch Ewok Adeventures, the double feature. The movie rental place next to use is closing and I found it there for $9 and it looks brand new.

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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    That's out? Are they keeping it quiet, or am I totally out of the loop?
    You're out of the loop; it came out on Christmas and I think it got a wider release a few weeks ago.
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    A new medical examiner and a police inspector’s search for a brutal blood-drinking serial killer leads them to a scientist (Vincent Price) trying to create a race of supermen in the convoluted but engaging 1970 horror movie Scream and Scream Again. Christopher Lee plays a high-ranking government official and Peter Cushing has a brief role as an ill-fated foreign military officer.

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    I watched Midway.

    This is a great fighter-pilots movie about the huge air war fought over the Pacific to compete with the Japanese for islands appropriate for air bases so each nation could refuel their fighters and bombers, and then attack the other.

    An older movie, it nevertheless holds up way better than The Battle of Britain or Tuskegee Airman or Memphis Belle.

    Only with its state-of-the-art Michael Bay effects do the fighter scenes in Pearl Harbor top those of Midway!

    Midway is a must-see, action-packed film everyone here will love. It's also a true story starring (as portrayed by actors) some of the US and Japanese Navy's greatest commanders (like US Admiral Nimitz) and our famous aircraft carriers:

    The USS Hornet
    The USS Yorktown (the flagship until that duty was taken over by the Enterprise).

    This was the beginning of aircraft carrier warfare (WWII) and these were our proudest ships.

    They were at sea during Pearl Harbor and thus not hit at the time the Japs struck our Navy in Hawaii.

    We made them sorry they missed us and the fighter squadron from the Enterprise took down 3 Japanese carriers themselves, with the Hornet hitting the Japanese 4th.

    Some of the fanboys around here already know ships named Enterprise always win! This was a glowing victory and one of the most awesome war movies, especially if you like fighter planes.

    P-51 Mustangs (US) vs Japanese Zeros and torpedo planes. The US didn't even really have torpedoes. We bombed their flatops.

    Commanding the Japanese fleet was the Admiral who struck us at Pearl Harbor.

    The Enterprise made him sorry he came back!
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    I've been watching the USA Olympic Curling team tank so far, a combined 0-5 for the men and women so far!
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    I watched Thin Red Line.

    This is the Battle of Guadalcanal (WWII's road to Japan) with Jim Carvazeil, Nick Nolte, George Clooney, Woody Harrelson, Sean Penn and more in an all-star cast.

    It's an art-sy war film with great nature photography mixed with its action sequences and philosophy monlogues. Different but very worth seeing.

    Now that the US Navy has cleared the seas for invasion, US Marines and Army move in towards Japan, taking island by island. Guadalcanal housed another Japanese airstrip. Our bombing planes just didn't have the range in those days unless we got in close.
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    I haven't seen Midway in long time. Hopefully TCM will air it again soon. I'm not a fan of The Thin Red Line, although it's depiction of the war in the Pacific is probably closer to reality than most WWII films set in that theater.


    Animated circles, spheres, and other geometric shapes are set to music (Franz Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2) in Oskar Fischinger’s 1937 cartoon An Optical Poem. Impressed with Fischinger’s work, Walt Disney asked the animator to work on Fantasia, but Fischinger declined, preferring to work with more abstract animation.

    A musician gets involved with a woman who died at the hands of a wealthy aristocrat (Klaus Kinski), his wife, and another man during a rough S&M session in the weird 1968 film Venus in Furs.

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    A multi-tentacle creature from another universe takes over the world via a rift in space in the so-so 2008 animated film Futurama: The Beast with a Billion Backs.

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