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I just saw Alien 3. I thought it was pretty good, but not quite up to par with the first two. Seeing the alien switch from a guy in a suit to stop-motion to a puppet was odd, as the limbs kept changing sizes. Oh well, pretty good overall.
The quad-pack of Alien movies has the director's cut of Alien 3. Alternate beginning and alternate ending. I'd like to see it, but not willing to buy a pack of movies just to get it.

X-Files 2: I Want to Believe. I missed this in the theatre. I found it yesterday at WM for $4 and said, what the heck. It was good. I enjoyed the first movie, but this is what the first movie should've been more like, an extended ep.

The Blue Max and Fly Boys. Both are WWI flying movies. The Blue Max stars George Peppard and was made in the '60s using real WWI-style aircraft. Fly Boys is more recent, has James Franco, and much of the flying scenes were CG. Both were enjoyable, but gotta wonder if the technology now available would make the Blue Max better or worst.