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I finally got around to seeing Clash of the Titan (as it said on my movie ticket)... in 2-D! I could tell exactly which parts became 3-D, and just to mess with the people around me, I reached out to "touch" the screen during those times.

I liked it... loved the Bobo part, and the comic relief scenes were chuckle-worthy. Good action scenes, but most of them were so fast and chop edited at times, I had to guess at what was happening. Also liked the homage to the stop-motion scorpions when the last one died, and its tail had the same movements as the '80s FX would have. Nothing interesting at all about the credits roll, unfortunately.
I've seen both the 2-D and 3-D versions, and besides the fight in the desert and the Kraken scene at the end, there really is no difference.

Speaking of Clash of the Titans, I want a toyline based on this remake. There are some great opportunities for some cool figures and playsets.