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    A few weeks ago I watched Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and Kick-A**. I thought the former was quite fun, and it was cool to see Ian McDiarmid in a non-Palpatine role. The latter was a bit too bloody for bloodiness' sake and got a little too ridiculous for its real-world premise at the start, but it was alright.

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    I finally got out to see Inception this weekend. Easily the best movie I've seen this year.
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    Social Network was an amazing movie!
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    Avatar (on HBO).
    Yep, I saw it, alright. Good movie for 13-year-old boys.
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    Invictus was essentially a sports underdog story with the added political side with the Nelson Mandela story. I didn't know much about it so it was interesting, even though you could see the ending coming a mile away.

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    I went and saw Due Date on Friday. It was funny but if you've seen the commercials promoting it then you've already seen all of the funny parts.

    Shutter Island and The Wolfman. Shutter Island was definitely one of those movies that kept me guessing...and I was way off...big surprise...Wolfman was an unexpectedly decent movie. Not many surprises in that one but it was nonetheless good,
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    Splice some downright sick parts in it. It's worth renting. Despite what some say the ending is surprising. I enjoyed it.

    Toy Story 3 What can I say, it was as good as the other two.

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    Quote Originally Posted by preacher View Post
    Yeah. Splice sucked. The plot was nonsense, the characters one dimensional, I wanted to throw my TV every time the female doctor made excuse after excuse not to terminate the experiment. The so-called twist wasn't much of a twist as it was foreshadowed in Act I. I stopped watching when they took Dren to the farm and she was eating a chicken or something. So stupid.

    I predicted the ending when the genetic animal worm things killed each other. My wife finished watching it and I went to bed. Next morning I called her from work and asked if I was right and she said my prediction was right on. Very disappointing movie. They made a big deal out of how intelligent DRen was, but at the end of the day the creature resorted to primal programming and instinct. Maybe that was the message of the movie. Don't know. Terrible movie.

    Mimic and Species are the same type of movie, albeit far superior.
    I still want to see it. I think it should be in the RedBox by now.

    GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra. I saw this in the theatre and wanted to see it again. It was enjoyable, or Sienna Miller made it enjoyable.

    The Ghost Writer. Good drama/thriller with Pierce Brosnan and young Obi-Wan. I missed this one in the theatre and was surprised to see the library had a copy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slicker View Post
    Shutter Island Shutter Island was definitely one of those movies that kept me guessing...and I was way off...big surprise...,
    Awesome flick that definitely warrants a second viewing. You'll see so many obvious clues that you didn't see the first time.
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    Took the kids to see Megamind in boring as I thought it would be with 1 or 2 clever moments....
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