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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocketboy View Post
    Just saw The Green Hornet. It was ok.
    Seth Rogen and Cameron Diaz are definitely the weak spots in the cast. Jay Chou and Chrisoph Waltz were far better.
    The script and pacing both have some issues.
    The 3D wasn't bad. I've heard its the best post-converted 3D yet, but I haven't seen any other post-converted films, so I can't compare.
    Despite my problems with it, I'm not mad that I saw the movie. There are some cool action scenes and some good comedy.
    I watched this on Sunday, but not at a 3D theater. I agree that it was okay, but too much of a Seth Rogan vehicle for me. I probably won't watch it again and I definitely won't drive an hour out of town just to pay $10 to watch it in 3D.
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    American Experience: Dinosaur Wars: an excellent PBS documentary on Othniel C. Marsh and Edward Drinker Cope that goes well beyond the typical "these two guys hated each other, they tried to outdo one another, and discovered about half the dinosaurs we know today" two-page writeup in every book about dinosaurs.

    Othniel Marsh was, no question about it, the biggest d@&^#bag to ever walk the Earth (at least as far as non-homicidal people go). Cope was far from perfect, especially as time went on and Marsh's amazing d@&^iness was clearly getting under his skin and driving him nuts. But, still, Marsh was so incomprehensibly d@&^y that he probably stole a prototype video camera and made a habit of going around the neighborhood, molesting puppies, and then kidnapping their owners and forcing them to watch the film. Actually, no. That would be not d@&^y enough for him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. JabbaJohnL View Post
    True Grit - The 1969 original. It was pretty good, but maybe a bit light (in both tone and visuals) for its subject matter, which is something the newer one apparently changed (though I haven't seen it).
    Saw this on MLK Day. It was good. A fast two hours. I liked where it was just different enough from the original, truer to the novel.

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    The Curse of Frankenstein - The first of the Hammer horror films, and the first one I've seen. I thought it was interesting the way it focused more on Victor than on the monster, and it was different enough from the book and Universal movie to be unique. It was also really cool to see Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee together, as they were in many Hammer films, especially Lee as the monster, which was a strange sight to see.
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    Currently watching the BBC's "Sherlock" with Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch.

    Pretty good stuff, very smart and witty so far, if somewhat short for a season.

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    Watched The Other Guys last night for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed it.

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    Predators. I was surprised to see find a copy at the library. I enjoyed it more the second time (saw it opening weekend in the theatre).

    The locale feature on the DVD was cool. More was filmed in Hawaii than I thought.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AFCollector View Post
    Currently watching the BBC's "Sherlock" with Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch.

    Pretty good stuff, very smart and witty so far, if somewhat short for a season.
    I stumbled on "Sherlock" by accident and thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope more of them air here in the states.

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    Well I got an Amazon gift card and saw the preview for it on last season's Dr. Who collection so I decided to get it. It was only 3 "episodes" but they run over an hour or so each, so not too bad. I would not have called it a 'season' though, so much as a 'collection'. Still very good though, I am with you, I hope they make more and show us.

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    Black Swan last night. Great flick. A bit ambiguous with amazing performances all around. Well deserved Golden Globe win by Natalie Portman,
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