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Was that SCARface, JJB? I checked, and Scareface is a film about a clown-by-night, cosmetologist-by-day story.
Oops my bad! The teacher in you just came out BCJ! As far as your list goes I haven't seen many of them either. I've seen parts of most of them but as far as the whole sha bang a bang here we go...

- any Saw film
1-3 for this guy

- any King Kong version
Not sure which one but I have seen an "older" version, its in black and white.

- any Godfather film
I own them but haven't yet watched them.
- Scarface
First time was just the other day.
- Jaws
Yup long time ago.
- Psycho
Same as Jaws.

- The Big Lewbowski
- Metropolis
Watched it in a German cinema class I took in college.