I've been on a movie-renting binge recently, so I've seen:

Black Swan - really enjoyed this movie (and not just because of a certain scene between Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis). I haven't seen a good psychological drama in a while and I thought this one was pretty well done. I'll probably end up buying this one when the price goes down.

Kick *** - finally got around to seeing this one. I'm getting slightly burned out on superhero movies so this didn't really interest me when it came out in theaters. Although if I had known it was a superhero movie made for people who are starting to get tired of superhero movies, then I probably would have watched it earlier. This is another one I'll probably buy, despite the fact that it has Nicolas Cage in it.

127 Hours - Awesome movie! I actually watched it one morning after an all-night shift at work and I was initially a bit worried that the film would put me to sleep because I had read that so much of the story takes place with him trapped under the rock. However, I can say that was definitely not the case. Really an amazing story and just seeing everything that he had to do to keep himself alive, while his mental state continued to deteriorate kept my interest throughout the film. This is definitely a movie that I will buy.

Skyline - this movie was okay, although I think the last scene of the film should have been the first scene (instead of the "flash-forward" scene that they used for the beginning of the film). The characters were a bit 1-dimensional and not very well written. Plus there were several major plot developments that were NEVER explained and it seemed like they were trying really hard to set up a sequel. Considering how the movie seemed to generate no buzz whatsoever during it's theatrical and DVD releases, I don't think that's likely at all. If a direct to DVD sequel shows up and the story pays off in a satisfactory way, then I might pick up a multipack of this someday.

The Social Network - Probably one of the best movies that I've seen in the last few years. I've been a big fan of Jesse Eisenberg ever since Zombieland and it's great to see him play a similar type of character, but a little darker and much more nuanced. I liked everything about this movie and there wasn't a single moment that seemed to drag on. I love the way it came full circle in the end and I didn't mind at all that it left a big question mark as the credits rolled (although I wouldn't mind knowing if his friend request was ever accepted). I was actually going to buy this on DVD yesterday, but Walmart was sold out, so I'll have to wait. I did buy the soundtrack off of iTunes and have listened to it almost nonstop since then. The music was amazing as well!