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    Barefoot Gen - an old Japanese cartoon about the bombing of Hiroshima. Written by an actual survivor of the attack, very graphic... way more graphic than a live action movie would ever be able to get away with. You can find the entire movie on Youtube, but if you just want to watch the bombing you can click the link below:

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    Quote Originally Posted by TeeEye7 View Post
    That Thing You Do!

    Starring Bel-Cam Jos!
    (Who should have been cast as the Lando-like Lamarr!)
    Yet I receive no royalties on repeat showings; odd.
    "May the 4th be with you?" "Why yes, thank you for asking."

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    You should fire your agent, then.
    ¡Que la fuerza te acompañe!

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    "I quit! [finger snap] I quit! [snap] I quit! [snap] I quit, Mr. White."
    "May the 4th be with you?" "Why yes, thank you for asking."

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    Well done, sir!
    ¡Que la fuerza te acompañe!

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    Unstoppable with Denzel Washington and Rosario Dawson.

    Cheesy disaster-genre flick but enjoyable nonetheless.

    I could have done without the "documentary-style" photography. Overdone and added NOTHING to the story.
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    To Fat For 40. Its (yet) another filming of a Q & A with Kevin Smith, which was filmed on his 40th birthday in his hometown of Red Banks, NJ. It was ok, some good stuff, a lot of ehh, it wasn't as good as some of his eariler "films."

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    Ice Age: Continental Drift - I only watched it because they let me in for free. Some of the jokes were kind of funny, but the short Simpsons cartoon at the beginning was one of the worst cartoons I've ever watched. Also, after seeing films like Rango, the graphics on Ice Age just feel too dated and simplistic to me. It's time for this franchise to be put on the shelf permanently.

    Amazing Spider-Man - I've been a huge fan of Spider-Man since high school; but certain things about the Sam Raimi films always bothered me. Primarily his organic web shooters, which I've always thought were a horrible idea. It makes him seem too alien and it feels to convenient that they would just happen to form under his wrists. Fortunately, that's one of the movie missteps that this new film has fixed. Overall, I like this reboot a lot better than the original films. The budding romance between Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy felt very real and unforced. Considering the chemistry that the actors have onscreen, I'm actually hoping that they don't kill Gwen off too quickly to make room for Mary Jane Watson. I went into this movie hoping that this franchise would fail and allow Marvel to get the full rights back for their character, thereby allowing Spider-Man to exist in the Avengers universe. However, I walked out of the theater hoping that the film is successful enough for a couple of sequels.

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    Krull - I remember loving this film back in the '80s. Not that I don't anymore (I mean, I go to EVERY SINGLE Krull midnight showing and convention ), but as with many "dated" films, it suffers by current sci-fi quality. It looks like a mix of Princess Bride and MP & the Holy Grail, and sounds like a mix of '80s Clash of the Titans and Never Ending Story. I can forgive the visual effects' chessiness, but the sound effects are bad. Still, a nice blast of nostalgia.
    "May the 4th be with you?" "Why yes, thank you for asking."

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    Song of the South - the 1946 Disney film. Apparently Disney refuses to release this film on DVD (or even VHS) in the United States because it's considered too racist. Overall, I think the movie has a good message and the only thing I could see that appeared racist was the "tar baby" sequence. However, the cartoon never explains exactly what the tar baby is supposed to represent and I don't think most kids today would even understand the reference enough to be offended by it. It's a shame that films like this one should suffer because people are so afraid to be labeled "racist" or politically incorrect.

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