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    Whooops. TeyEye is right. Alan Shepard.

    Tom Shepard is a Fox News reporter I believe.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tycho View Post
    Whooops. TeyEye is right. Alan Shepard.

    Tom Shepard is a Fox News reporter I believe.
    Isn't that Shepard Smith?

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    No, that's confusing Red Barber and Redd Foxx (always bothering shepherds) with journalist Red Smith.
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    Yeah. Memory's garbled up. I think Tom Shepard is a Republican political strategist in San Diego, then.

    Shepard Smith might be the guy from Fox.

    Alan Shepard is the guy from the Mercury rocket missions then.

    A regular shepard is a guy who tends to goats or sheep.

    But cowboys tend to buffalo, steers, and cows.

    People that tend to lizards work are called Geico Agents.
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    Day of the Triffids. Interesting sci-fi flick from the 60s.

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    I just realized that Youtube is the place to go if you want to watch all of those 1980s nuclear war movies. So I spent a couple of days watching every one I could think of:

    The Day After (1983) - this is clearly the most famous of this mini-genre (Cold War Nuclear Disaster film), but it's probably the most unrealistic in terms of the intensity of the attack. Still a few good moments in it and it was definitely scary enough for me as a kid. As the movie progresses and gets more and more depressing, you can see that the filmmakers must have been getting worried because they tried to end the movie on a somewhat positive note (focusing on human compassion in the final scene). I remember watching this when it debuted on TV. I was 10 years old and almost everyone I knew was totally convinced that the film would become a reality within the next few years. It's hard to put myself back into that mindset, but I spent my entire childhood with the threat of nuclear war hanging over our heads.

    Threads (1984) - this is the British equivalent of The Day After and it's much more intense, more graphic and goes into much more detail on just how ****ed we'd all be if a worldwide nuclear war did take place. Unlike The Day After, Threads makes no attempt whatsoever to end the movie on a positive note. I also watched this one when I was a kid (I think it ran a couple of different times on PBS) and I can honestly say that the nuclear attack scenes in this movie have stuck with me for my entire life. Even watching it now, you can just feel the panic building as the attack gets closer.

    When the Wind Blows (1988) - an animated film about an elderly British couple who are caught up in the aftermath of nuclear war. What sets this one apart is how the couple is totally clueless when it comes to the seriousness of a nuclear attack. They keep making references to what they did during the Blitzkrieg in WW2 and they never really catch on that this is a completely different kind of war. Again, no attempt to end the movie on a happy note. In fact, the cluelessness of the characters is somewhat humorous and endearing throughout the film, but makes the ending so much more tragic, because they are totally unaware of just how bleak their situation is.

    Testament (1983) - I think this movie was originally released in theaters. It's also about a family dealing with the radioactive fallout of a nuclear war. This was another one that I watched as a kid and it has stuck with me long into adulthood as well. I find it haunting how the death toll keep rising and each death become less and less significant and less traumatic as he characters start to become numb to everything around them. However, even though most of the characters are dead by the end of the film, it still tries to end the movie on a positive, uplifting note. As a result, the last scene in the film really feels tacked on and out of place.

    Countdown to Looking Glass (1984) - an early "mockumentary" style film which focused on one news station having to report on an escalating world nuclear crisis. I had never heard of this film before yesterday. They were definitely trying to make the potential seriousness of the story seem more real by using actual footage from other world crises. Maybe it would have seemed more groundbreaking 28 years ago, when there weren't so many 24-hour news networks, the internet, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

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    The Giant Gila Monster. Boy, you gotta love the 50s and 60s cheesy drive-in monster movies.

    The Fatal Hour. (1940). Karloff the great plays a Chinese detective helping police solve a murder.

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    Airplane! Don't Call Me Sally Edition. A classic, nuff said.

    p.s. I picked the wrong week to give up sniffing glue.

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    I watched The Godfather Part II (love this movie! - it's set as Cuba falls to Castro and prior to Kennedy being set up for assasination). The spread of the Mafia from New York to Chicago, Florida, and Las Vegas is explored. Gangsters are so awesome!

    St. Valentine's Day Massacre - Al Capone defeats Morang (by dressing his killers as cops - a plot device borrowed for The Dark Knight) and the Northside Gang goes down (formerly the O'Banion's who once drew the unwanted attention of Indiana Jones). This movie is allegedly based on the exact true account of the events in 1929, however.

    BTW, Frank Nitty doesn't die around those years, as seen in The Untouchables (Kevin Costner's "Ness" throws him off the roof of the courthouse building - not true actually). Nitty runs the gang while Capone calls the orders from prison after Ness gets him. The St. Valentine's Day Massacre takes place before Ness got on the scene however. Capone is the protagonist you are rooting for and Morang and Chicago's Northside Gang are the bad guys. This movie is set before Megatron and Sentinel Prime take over the city in the future.

    Hoffa - a movie I've rewatched frequently. Jack Nicholson plays Hoffa and Danny DeVito plays his right hand man as they make a deal with the Mafia that builds Las Vegas. True story as well.
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    With 2-1B at Wizard World I thought I'd watch Chasing Amy (for the opening con scene), good call JJB!

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