I'm watching PT 109 with John F. Kennedy.

Did the men really see NO sharks when they abandoned ship and swam with the wounded for 4 miles to that island in Japanese territory?

Sharks. That's what I'd be worried about (besides starvation and dehydration).

But it's quite an ordeal that our future president and then war-hero went through.

The film presents John F. Kennedy as very noble and a war hero. I'm wondering how this chapter gets incorporated into a larger film about his life and him cheating on his beautiful wife with Marilyn Monroe? Or his dad with Mafia connections getting him elected President, and making sure that movie got made in the first place (as Hollywood was also controlled by the Mafia).

I watched Bugsy (about Las Vegas Mafia founder Bugsy Seagle) a couple of days ago. He was a maniac!

Virginia Hill was good taste though.