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I came away with the latter impression of your statement, BigB. I thought it was a failed attempt at being cute. I'm horrified to think they wanted the audience to look at it as a serious attempt at sci-fi in an unconventional setting. *sheesh!*
I guess I just assumed that the director was going for the same level of realism that he put into the Iron Man films. I thought some of the concepts were interesting, like the aliens looking for gold. Gold is one of the best conductors of electricity, so obviously it would still be valuable to a technologically advanced race.

Anyways, I finally got around to watching the new Clash of the Titans. Sigh, yet another male lead character who spends most of the film brooding. I think the only interesting character in the entire film was the mechanical owl who only appeared for about 2 seconds; but at least you felt some empathy for him as he was shoved back into the chest where he was found. The special effects were pretty good for the most part. A little too much CG at times, but overall fairly competent visuals.

What I really don't understand was the message of the movie. The movie ended with Perseus becoming exactly what he spent the entire movie trying not to become. To me it felt like the movie was saying, "We need to rage against the gods, because we're humans and that's what we do: rage against things. But every once in a while the gods will give you some cool stuff, so maybe they're not all that bad."

Also, Sam Worthington's haircut completely pulled me out of the movie. It was way too contemporary. He looked more like a modern US Marine who fell through a timewarp than an ancient Greek demi-god.