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    OC, what did you think about the plot of World War Z? Would the story make it worthwhile?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tycho View Post
    OC, what did you think about the plot of World War Z? Would the story make it worthwhile?
    It was part action movie, part CSI/who's patient zero. The search for the patient zero or the source created some good action sequences. There were plot holes that were never resolved or answered. But that happens a lot in zombie movies; the cause is never fully explained. Since I haven't read the book, I don't know if those issues were resolved or better addressed.

    If you want to see it on the big screen, you might want to wait until the second-run theatres. I went to a matinee and got my money's worth. Walking out, I thought I wouldn't pay full price to see it again. At the second run, perhaps. Definitely rent it once it's out on video, but not certain if I'd buy it for my collection.

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    I saw World War Z and really enjoyed it. It was very well paced and the performances were strong.

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    I also watched World War Z and I was surprised at how good it was. I was expecting a mindless action film like 2012, or Day After Tomorrow; but this movie was really well made and a lot smarter than I expected it to be.

    It seems that they are already working on a sequel, so I'm interested to see where they go next.

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    From Russia With Love (1963). Had the opportunity to see my all-time favorite Bond movie on the big screen Saturday night! It was great!

    Robin and Marian (1976). One of those under-rated Sean Connery movies where he plays a middle-aged Robin Hood who returns to Sherwood Forest after being away with the Crusades for 20 years. And things aren't the same. I'd seen this one years ago but forgot just about everything about it.

    The Anderson Tapes (1971). Another Connery flick. This time, he's a burglar trying for one last score.

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    I watched the 1978 animated version of The Adventures of Pinocchio on Youtube last night and I had forgotten how dark early children's fiction used to be. I guess that's because, until recently, childrens' parables were written to teach kids how to be good people and nowadays children's stories are just written to sell merchandise. Of course, this is assuming that the 1978 film is closer to the original story than the Disney adaptation.

    If anyone wants to watch the full movie, here's the Youtube link:

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    Red Dawn (the new one), it actually wansn't that bad. I thought it'd be terrible but I'd say its more "believeable" then the first one.

    She's Out Of My League, I've watched it 3-4 times since last Friday, so I must like it. I even ended up buying it at WM for $5. Currently developing a major crush on Ms. Alice Eve.

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    How to Make Money Selling Drugs - A great documentary! It does an outstanding job highlighting the damage that the war on drugs has had on our country. The main theme is centered on how people are making money off the illegal drug market, from street dealers to drug cartels to the prisons to the law enforcement agencies and the politicians who write the laws.
    May the force be with you.

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    I forgot to add in yesterday's post. The Iron Lady. I get it, MT was the only woman in a man's world, and she was at times a major biznitch, sometimes it was needed and sometimes thats just who she was.

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    BigB: thanks for the World War Z update.

    I actually liked 2012 and still need to see Day After Tomorrow.

    OC47151: as usual, (and it should not be surprising by now,) you and I have nearly identical tastes.

    From Russia With Love is an excellent choice out of the James Bond movies! Excellent! Yes.

    Sith_Killer: I am hopefully now making money off illegal drugs Similar to Miami Vice and Traffic, a major element in my 2nd (modern-day) novel is the drug cartel wars. Maybe when I finish I should advertise 30,000 people died in the making of this story? (Don't worry. My book continues my strong tradition of being as tasteless with my writing just like in my forums posts.)

    I watched Behind Enemy Lines with Owen Wilson in a serious action-movie (true story) role with Gene Hackman. Excellent story. BigB, I believe you are a veteran of the Bosnian War? You may (or may not) appreciate this movie. I'd recorded it off AMC and they had supplemented it with interviews and historical facts. The director said he made a deliberate choice to be different by casting Wilson (normally a comedy actor) in this role. Wilson is actually great once he gets dirtied up when he ejects from being the navigator on a 2-seat F-18 on patrol during a broken cease-fire during Clinton's presidency. This actually happened. I'm not sure why they changed Wilson's character's name to Crockett but it actually was Brady in real life. Perhaps Mr. Brady did not give consent to tell his story? Not sure. The Admiral played by Hackman was actually stripped of his command for disobeying NATO orders and launching a rescue mission for this downed navigator. (In real life, Brady was the actual pilot and they didn't explain it why they made his friend the pilot, but that man's execution by the Bosnian Serbs does make the story more passionate, if in real life the F-18 was only a one-seater carrying Brady). However, this way Owen Wilson does NOT come off playing Tom Cruise's "Top Gun" character, since he's not the pilot.

    The actual ship deployed on this mission was the USS Carl Vinson, and from permission from the DOD, the movie was actually filmed on the real Carl Vinson, at the actual locations the story takes place (on the ship). Top that off - the movie was actually filmed at the location the real life events occurred in Bosnia.

    Finally, the reason it all went down was because in the flight recorder of the lost F-18, was the video evidence that the Bosnia-Serbs (Christians) were executing the Muslim (Bosniaks) and breaking the treaty in a conspiracy with the Croats (Catholics). [This is why I hate religion - in this world it would almost make sense if an army of Hindus suddenly showed up with RPGs trying to "save the cows." - That doesn't actually happen, btw.]

    Anyway, the bad guy from Clear And Present Danger (the Cuban assassin that Harrison Ford battles) [is actually a Portugese actor] and plays the French NATO commander that Gene Hackman (the US Fleet Admiral) disobeys to recover Crockett (Brady in real life, portrayed by Wilson, if you're following me along still).

    But this really happened and exactly as it went down. The SkyNews reporter (it might have actually been CNN) who covered this event in 1995 actually portrays himself and covers the event for this movie (made in 2002 I think).

    The mass pile of unburied dead Muslem Bosniaks that Wilson's character falls into will remind you of everything from modern set dressing for The Walking Dead to what Adolf Hitler actually did to the Jews in WWII (as how it's depicted in Daniel Craig / Live Schreiber's "Defiance," a great movie and also a true story about a Jewish insurgency strike force that really existed and still has some members alive today).

    In any case, in a world where the Muslems are often portrayed as invading immigrants bringing cultural clashes and terrorism to their new western countries of current residence (US, France, England, Germany, Russia) this is a terrible chapter in modern history (in which we all were alive) and saw the Islamists face their own "mini-holocaust." The hate between religious sects continuous and the Boston Marathon bomber had ties to the inheritors of hate for this tragedy.

    Once the evidence of ethic cleansing, genocide, mass murders was recovered, President Clinton went full on in until this was (presumably) brought to a stable cease-fire. [It's not and might never be 'resolved' until we "destroy religion" world-wide - and no, I didn't say "destroy God," but that would be an over-dramatic way of putting it - and they already used that phrase in Jurassic Park, btw.

    But religion is just one "quicker and easier" way to lure followers for warlords to make land and property grabs to expand their power (or Osama Bin Laden missed his flight on September 11th and wasn't a hypocrite - ha!)

    But there are not a lot of movies that really explain what this is about, and I thank BigB for his service over there and highly recommend this (yeah - really) Owen Wilson movie.

    Owen Wilson does not fart or pull any kind of "3-Stooges stunt at his own expense" in this movie. And like I said, he stops looking like a member of Nickelback as soon as his F-18 goes down and he has to fight to survive.

    Yes, because of how you're used to seeing Wilson, a troop of Girl Scouts marching around him with balloon animals on the USS Carl Vinson seems to be missing from the start of the film, as does "Maverick and Goose," but Hackman's performance grounds those scenes just fine anyway.
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