The Karate Kid Part III. I'd never seen it. I always thought it looked bad, even from the initial ads, and I dearly love the first two. I have all four, since the initial DVD release was an "all or nothing" dealio. (I'd never watched 3 and 4. I saw parts of 4 on TV years ago, and it looked as awful as I'd suspected.)

But we introduced Chux Jr to the series, and she wanted to see it all. She loved the first two, too. Even she was groaning about five minutes into this one, begging to skip to the fourth because it has a girl in it (and, partly because now that I was watching the damned thing finally and wanted to see it through, no matter how painful, we told her you have to see #3 before #4 because #4 may not make sense otherwise).

Long story short, this movie should be illegal. It's so bad, it transcends "so bad it's good" and comes back to "nope, it's just really bad" territory. If the US military weaponized this movie, no country would ever dare to get on our bad side again.

I honestly thought this was a cash grab by some hack writer and director who'd never seen the second one (aside from a few half-arsed explanations as to why they're back in SoCal and left their love interests behind, it contradicts it right and left) and only paid a little attention during the first. I nearly crapped my pants when I read that the same director and writer brought us... both previous Karate Kid movies.

Unless someone in Hollywood has the brilliant idea of a Karate Kid #5 that disregards the Will Smith Jr version entirely and goes back to the original timeline (Rise of the Planet of the Apes style), and makes a great movie about a much older Daniel LaRusso who must pass on what Miyagi taught him, this movie never existed in my eyes.