42 was my favorite movie I saw this summer!

I have only seen Star Trek and Superman, but I intend to see Wolverine and The Butler.

With regards to the final film, only "The Butler" will probably give 42 a run for its Oscar Awards money.

It will be the 2nd "politically correct / relevant social issues movie of the season. On the same racial relations subject matter too. Only I think because 42 is going to be considered "less mainstream" since it's baseball, I fear it won't do as well.

That's unfortunate since because IT IS baseball, I have more of a penchant to liking it even though a tour through all the late 20th century Presidents in the White House would interest me too.

However, I would point out that there is NO BASEBALL DIAMOND on the White House south lawn and that is why the 2 movies cannot compare.

But it will be more politically correct to give the Oscar to Forrest Whitaker than to Harrison Ford. Unfortunate reverse discrimination though I love Forrest Whitaker's work myself. I just want to see Harrison get it for his best performance EVER!


Meanwhile, I watched The Fugitive and U.S. Marshalls.

Very good action flicks that'll make you think about our justice system even while you're watching train and plane crashes.

Now Tommy Lee Jones needs to make another one with a huge cruise liner crash. Unless they put him on a space ship...