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    Was a big fan of the Shield when it was on. The final ep still haunts me. FX has been very good to Walton Goggins.

    I have two JFK specials, both from the History Channel, to watch, but they may set there are a bit.

    Judgment at Nurenburg (1961). Excellent court drama about four Nazi judges on trial for their crimes during the war. Burt Lancaster plays one of the Nazis. Spencer Tracy is the American judge presiding over the tribunal.

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    The four plus hours of special features on the The Hobbit special edition set. Very extensive and informative to say the least...

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    Wake Island. One of those WWII movies made during the war. Brian Donlevy and MacDonald Carey (the old man from Days of Our Lives) are Marines on the beleaguered island. Carey is a Marine pilot.

    Castle Keep
    . Burt Lancaster WWII flick set during the Battle of the Bulge. It's an odd little flick.

    Cross of Iron (1977). Sam Peckinpah's only WWII movie starring James Coburn. It's from the German point of view on the Eastern Front in 1943.

    And too many Hallmark Channel and Lifetime Christmas movies to count!

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    Another great ESPN "30 For 30" special: "Youngstown Boys," about Ohio State Buckeyes coach Jim Tressel and player Maurice Clarett, and both of their troubles resulting in each being let go by the university.
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    I recorded some more Jodi Arias' news / re-enactment stuff from the Oxygen Channel.

    I'm fascinated by Jodi. Great femme fatale character.

    I really liked Dirty Little Secret - a Lifetime Channel movie about her.

    When I write, I embellish the character with Angelina Jolie characteristics. The combined "Angjodina" character is awesome once she has knowledge of the martial arts and fully automatic weapons.
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    Gremlins. A nice little movie for the Christmas season.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OC47151 View Post
    Gremlins. A nice little movie for the Christmas season.
    One of my friends saw that one and A Christmas Story yesterday at a movie double feature.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bel-Cam Jos View Post
    One of my friends saw that one and A Christmas Story yesterday at a movie double feature.
    Since it is the 30th anniversary, I've been hoping a theatre airs A Christmas Story but no luck. I saw it when it first came out in '83. The next year, one of the area's second-run theatres played it.

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