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    R5-D4 (TSC #032) "Escape From Mos Eisley"

    Hoo boy, we've been waiting ten years for this damn figure, since the release of the terrible "rocket-launching" version was released, with leg-mounted guns and all. Is it any good? Well, Mr. Impatient, you'll just have to keep reading to find out.

    The sculpt consists of a brand-new head and an older body. Luckily, it's the VOTC/Early Bird/TSC Hoth R2-D2 body, with the panel glued down. He still sports the removable third leg, which is nice since the older R5-D4 had the third leg permanently extended and the back two connected for whatever reason. The head is fantastic; it's ten times better than the old one. The little antenna is removable, if you like it better that way.

    When the head is rotated, R5's "bad motivator" pops up in the back in place of the VOTC R2's sensorscope. The motivator isn't exactly like the movie version, but we'll file it under the category of "close enough." However, since the head has to be either facing the left or right for the motivator to come up, it's not film-accurate either (R5 was facing forward as it popped up).

    While the figure's sculpt is overall really fantastic, the paint . . . well, not so much. Luckily, he's more weathered than the mock-up pictures led us all to believe, and that's done pretty well. However, the face's eyes and other bumps on mine are very sloppily painted so that quite a bit of dark gray runs outside the lines, and it's distracting.

    There are also quite a few obviously missed paint applications on this figure. His blue disk slot (right below his head, right above his two red horizontal panels) isn't painted, though on the mock-up pictures it is. Also, there's no coloring on his back, so the giant red panels that are clearly visible in the film are left unpainted and gray. It really bugs me when Hasbro comes so close to having a perfect figure and then messes it up with something like this.

    It's a hell of a lot better than the 1996 version. I'll give the sculpt a solid A, but the paint gets a C+.
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    I have 5 of these now and the paint job varies in quality tremendously between all of them. No matter though, 4 will be painted differently soon enough anyway. The sculpt is really good. I just wish they had filled that panel that opens on the VOTC R2 body.

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    Excellent review. I'm actually kind of puzzled by the ecstasy over this figure. I didn't realize so many people had been waiting for it for 10 years

    To be honest I only bought this figure because I recently bought the Astromech Droids packs from Entertainment Earth and it was obvious that the 1996 R5-D4 did not match their look. I like the new R5 and may--or may not--buy an extra one just to paint it differently. But I'm iffy on that.

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    Bad motivator, but good figure!

    I think this thing's pretty great... and yes, some of us have been waiting for a decent version that isn't an eye hazard for a while now.

    There's a spot >> here for you to post reviews now, and plenty of photos have been added >> here for you to look at if you haven't found this figure yet.

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    I give this figure an A also. This is the best figure in the Mos Eisley wave. I need to find another one to open.
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    i wish they didn't miss the paint on the two spots that JJL mentioned but all of that notwithstanding, this is still my favorite figure from the saga collection.

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    this figure gets a 10 out of 10 from me. the card is also a 10 out of 10. i even like the luke photo on the back. as for my favorite tired to think...probrobly in the top 3.

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    for crap's sake, this is one of the few droids ever that I am actually having problems finding, the other two being the R2 units from the POTJ line.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JON9000
    for crap's sake, this is one of the few droids ever that I am actually having problems finding, the other two being the R2 units from the POTJ line.
    I figured this'd be a hard li'l droid to find considering how often it was mentioned in people's "want lists" in the forums. Plus it's obviously going to be popular with customizers as well.

    So as soon as it was available at HasbroToyShop.Com.. I snagged it.

    I can't wait to finally have an R5 unit

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    The finish on mine seems to have a sort of glossiness to it. My Sandtrooper seems to as well.

    The missed paint detail doesn't bother me so much on this one. It's not something I would notice without closely comparing it to a picture.

    I prefer the Astromech molds with the retractable middle leg, but this will suffice. Far superior to the previous version. I have it here next to the vintage and POTF2 versions. That vintage version is a tiny little droid in comparison, and the POTF2 version is a monstrosity.


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