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    AOTC Gunship for Toys R US Gunship

    I have an extra Saga Attack of the Clones Gunship MIB that I would like to trade for the New Toys R Us Clone Wars Cartoon Gunship. The Gunship that I have has never been taken out of the box and the box is in great condition, however the tape has given way. It has not harmed the box at all though.

    Before I get the new gunship my wife would really like me to clear out this one so if any one needs the AOTC version I would rather one of you guys get it instead of putting it on ebay.
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    is it the original red one?
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    Absolutely, this is the first gunship that Hasbro did.
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    I will trade you a new one for that one, hit me up!

    excellent traders; Val Da Car, Dark Marble, Commtech and info from KidHuman
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    I sent you a PM!
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