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    George Lucas interview in SW Insider 52

    Has anyone read the article in issue 52? I know it is an older article and I have read it before, but it is newly posted on the SW site and it reminded me of some things. Here are some points I'd like to talk about.

    GL said that for the basic story he sticks to his original ideas. He also said that the essence of the movie stays the same and that he has kept the style of all the movies the same so that they all work as one piece.

    If that is true, then how does that explain midichlorians. That's not true and it interfers with the OT, so obviously they don't work as one piece.

    Also in the article he talks about good ideas and bad ideas. About how you may have tons of good ideas, but it is the bad ideas that usually tear apart a film.

    I believe this part that he is talking about is the reaction of the fans to Jar Jar and to the midichlorians. He knows they were bad ideas and somehow has to make up for them.

    Anyone else have any thoughts on this? If not, I don't blame you. the midichlorian debate has gone on long enough, Just thought it was interesting how he says this AFTER Episode I is made.
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    I think I'm all debated out on the midichlorian issue. I just want to see Ep2 and 3 to try and determine exactly what GL had in mind when he introduced them to the saga. Right now I think it was simply a lapse in good judgement; but that opinion could change after I see the remainder of the prequels.

    Jar Jar was alright by me, but he was crammed into scenes he had no need to be in and his cliched humor wore thin immediately. I think Lucas knows this. He obviously became too enamored with the character and no one had the guts to tell him, "Enough with the fart jokes already, George," and "Can we create a pattern of speech that doesn't resonate like fingernails on chalkboard?"
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    I agree with you completely about Jar Jar.
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    Originally posted by SithDroid
    I agree with you completely about Jar Jar.
    The death of Jar Jar is going to be more interesting than Mauls demise
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    I think that GL has tried to stay with the 1st idea of SW,but got lost. The saying"Don't fix what isn't broke",comes to mind.I think he is trying to make it better than it was before instead of making as good as. GL,back up and remember what you 1st tried to do and do that with the rest of the movies. You won't go wrong that way.
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