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    Hasbro is going with another card design.

    Oh how I hope it somewhat stays the same. I guess what I don't want to see is a Red E1 or Blue Saga card ever again. Hasbro says an example of the new card will at the SDCC. I'm hoping for a highbred of the OTC and Saga 06.
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    I just don't want the ROTS flames, EP1 Maul, or generic Saga type of thing.. They were cool for that line, but I love the backgrounds. Unless they would come out with a vintage styled card, now that I'd be drooling over.
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    as a carded collector...who would vote against the backgrounds. they are the best. i think that has something to do with the higher pricepoint. that and the fancy bubbles. as a carded collector, i will pay extra for a fancy card. now if i was an opener...i'd vote for boring packaging. i'd like to see the vintage packaging with the vintage whole punch thingy(especially since i got a case source)

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    as a loose collector, i'm tempted now to complete a MOC set of the Saga line! i really loved this packaging and can't imagine hasbro could ever come up with something to top it.

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    I love the OTC and TSC cards. I can understand changing it because of the 30th ann. next year. I was hoping that they would leave the TSC package in place for a few years since they went to three digits for the numbering (TSC#005). If they do change anything, they leave out the holograms however.
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    I hope it's a mix of the OTC/Saga2 cardback and the Saga1/OTC bubble. I'm tired of curved bubbles, while you can stack the Saga2 figures unlike the ROTS figures, they're not very stable because of having no flat edge for the weight to sit on.

    Although I wouldn't mind a Saga2 style without taped flaps or holograms pack-in and an edged/rounded bubble. Something like a \_/ design where it still looks round, but can be stacked.
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    you know.....this is getting f*****g ridiculous many card changes have we had already?

    Power of the Force II
    Episode I
    Power of the Jedi
    Episode II / Saga
    Clone Wars
    Original Trilogy Collection
    Revenge of the Sith
    Saga II

    and now another redo.......makes me long for the original kenner lines,or the POTF2 ,which basically stayed the same from 1995 - 1999........what maddens me most is i truly believe the newest,saga 2,was the best looking card backings and packaging for the figures,and it fit a motif that could use all 6 movies and CW in this we've got to change it again? BAH!

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    It's just marketing. The way toy lines compete for shelf space these days (thank largely to the popularity of the original line), Hasbro needs to constantly update the design to keep them looking fresh. We know the idiosyncracies of each wave, but to parents of kids who don't - only *new* looking things catch their eyes. Buy the figures, NOT the cards.

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    2007 being the 30th Anniversary, we might be seeing something in gold perhaps? Not like the Saga gold cards which were more dark blue than gold. I hope they are as LTBasker said with flat bubbles. It's getting hard to store complete collections of these carded figures with the last two ROTS and Saga2 cards.

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    Apparently, they're going to include coins from now on instead of holograms. I bet the new packaging will show these off, but I hope from the back. I hope it's similar to the OTC and TSC cards, but if not, I bet they'll return to a similar design in the future -- I mean, we had the craptastic ROTS card between the OTC and TSC lines.
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