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    anyone else testing out windows vista?

    just curious if anyone else was able to be a "beta 2 tester" for windows vista. my dad is and he let me put it on my computer(thank god.) it is pretty nice so far, with the lack of some compatiblity(norton, some drives, which CAN be update minus the CD drive i have)
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    A friend o mine is testing beta 3. says it's slick but has way too bugs that need fixing for it to be released late this year. though i suspect MS will do their usual and shove it out early and then have to spend the next year putting out a million patches.I'd sooner they sit on the damn thing and get it all sorted. XP is doin fine for me right now. i can wait.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MR. DADDYPANTS
    XP is doin fine for me right now. i can wait.
    i have a feeling that's a sentiment that M$ is fearing... i can't think of any reason to "upgrade" any time soon... except maybe to linux... XP is far from the best thing, but i don't really need anything that vista is purported to do. i think that's why bill left - he didn't want to catch the flak...
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    I'm eager to see what it can do, but I agree about XP being fine for now. I built my PC so that it would be upgradeable enough to run Vista out of the box without trouble, so it will be hard for me NOT to want to rush out and get it.

    Plus, I loved Tom Skerrit in Roadhouse errr, I mean Rush sorry, you know what I mean - that Vista preview webumentary thingy. He rocks!


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