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    Target Exclusive Rogue TWO Snowspeeder with Zev Senesca

    We have a first look at the Target Exclusive Rogue TWO Snowspeeder with Zev Senesca figure!
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    I only have one problem with this figure, but I'll still be all over this like flies on a poo-poo platter. My problem is the lack of elbow articulation, and that mostly troubles me because I a just imagine Hasbro using this same sculpt for a Snowspeeder pilot Luke. If that be the case I would certainly prefer more articulation, not less.
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    SWEET. thanks Steve!

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    Superb. Hasbro are doing well to get me to buy vehicles I already have twice over with this and the Dagobah X-wing. I'm amazed we're actually getting a newly sculpted pilot figure as a pack-in. And the opening airbrakes have taken me completely by surprise. This must be mine.

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    Cool! Hey for once I found the breaking news of this here at SSG first! Good goin' Steve! I can't wait for this one.

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    Hey, that should say "Target Exclusive Rogue II Snowspeeder with Zev Senesca"

    I think I'll buy this one.
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    I guess I'm not that bothered about the basic seeming articulation on this figure - at least he's not stuck in some ridiculous Rieekan pose. The Snowspeeder pilot Luke should be SA - I'd like some alternative snowspeeder pilot sculpts in the same way that we have a few different X-wing pilot figures. I wonder though are those ball jointed knees behind those straps on this Zev figure.

    And we've got another good setting for it too. It may be cardboard but it looks like what its supposed to be. I'll incorporate that into my echo base diorama. Its at least as good as having the POTF jabbas palace card diorama.

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    I buy very few of the ships, etc., but I'm definitely getting this one. I think it looks incredible.
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    While I'm not too excited on a third Snowspeeder to take up space, Zev looks rather nice. This one will be very hard to pass on, unlike all the other rehash vehicles they've announced lately. The addition of the airbrakes this time is a nice touch, too.
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    I rarely buy ships but I'll get this one. The figure is the actual draw for me.


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