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    Momaw Nadon (TSC #031) "Escape From Mos Eisley"

    Not that I think the older versions was all that bad, but this new "Hammerhead" figure is for sure an improvement. Could have maybe used a little more articulation in the arms (shoulders, elbows, wrists) but I'm still pretty happy with it. The fact that they've got a nice ball jointed head that they can stick on another body (maybe a generic Ithorian character from KOTOR) is really cool. Don't know what's up with the staff though... that's a weird thing.

    There's a spot >> here for you to post reviews now, and plenty of photos have been added >> here for you to look at if you haven't found this figure yet.

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    This new Hammerhead is a vast improvement over the old one. The color looks great and his "mouths" look awesome. I like his staff accesory as well as the little bar piece.

    The only downfall is that he isn't SA...
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    I really like this figure. I had my doubts when I heard he was in for a resculpt, but I had no idea how much the old POTF2 mold could be improved upon. Hammerhead is one of my all-time favorite Cantina aliens, and this new version does this obscure character justice.

    On a side note, all these great new Cantina alien sculpts we've been getting over the past 2-3 years are really making Labria and Takeel stand out in my Cantina diorama; they're so obviously POTF2!!!

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    I love the new Hammerhead as well. The POTF2 Hammerhead is one of my favorites too. I hope Has does Roran Corrob soon. Just a cool-looking alien!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jayspawn
    I I hope Has does Roran Corrob soon.
    Yeah, that's what I was thinking when I looked at this one also. Wouldn't have to change very much to make him...

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    This is also one of my fav aliens and the new sculpt is great. I would rather have the detail than articulation on this one - he wasn't in any action scenes, so the standard articulation is fine to me.
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    I like this figure as well. One of my favorite recent figures. I still would rather have a Roran Corrob!! I hope he's coming. At least they have a good sculpt for him now.

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    I'm disappointed he has no knee articulation to allow him to sit as i am with most figures. but I really like him. nicely sculpted, looks more movie accurate, not sure about the staff but I toss aside most accessories that are non movie.

    looks like his legs are used on Gragra too.


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