Ok, now this is gonna be a rare sentimental Slicker moment. I don't get too serious on this site but for whatever reason I'm gonna do it now.

This is no doubts gonna be just a rambling thread but I hope I can somehow get my point across.

I was listening to Hurt by Johnny Cash then I found this site and I started to kinda feel cheated. I feel cheated because I didn't live during the time of most of this music and the peak of alot of the these great musicians and actors/actresses. I listen to what's on the radio nowadays and I think about what my children will think and it's almost embarrassing. There are NO artists that I think my children will like but here I am loving the site in that link and listening to Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong over and over when this is music that my mother listened to. I've long said that I'd take oldies anyday over the carp on the radio these days and I totally stand by that. These songs had real meaning and sentiment in them unlike oh...I don't know...NONE of the songs nowadays.

I've long felt that I missed out on this countries greatest talent. I put this in the music section mainly because of that link but I also feel this way about alot of the actors and actresses. The main ones that come to mind right away are Judy Garland and Lucille Ball. I watch The Wizard of Oz and I listen to Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (sung by Judy that is my ALL TIME favorite Christmas song) and I get that feeling that once again I've been cheated and more importantly my children or more likely there children will never have the experience and joy of listening to and watching some of these people. I'm sure tons more will come to mind as I read the posts left and I'll no doubts chime back in.