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    Pilot Battle Droid with PK Droid.

    We've already got all the other Trade Federation Droids except these two.

    Get to it Hasbro.

    While you're at it make a OOM-9 Commander Droid that isn't flimsy.

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    The Pilot battle droid was packaged with the Armored Scout Tank (Invasion Force assortment). And as far as the PK droid, it can wait until we have some other obscure figures, like Tey How and Sei Taria.

    (That was my plug for to-scale Neimoidians and more Senators)

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    Carded one that is, the Scout Tank one is no good.

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    I'd rather see the Trophy line resurrected and the pilot droid come with a Trade Federation lander.
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    Well prpably see one carded at some point in time,no hurry
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