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    It's not fair: Pirates of the Carribean have playsets!

    Have you seen the Pirates attack fortress or the combat playset on the top deck of their ship?

    Come on Hasbro - Star Wars sets could outsell these and then-some!

    With regards to their ship combat set (similar concept to the battle platforms sold during ROTS - like Obi-Wan vs. Body Guard, Mace vs. Palpatine, etc. - Hasbro could make sections you buy separately and assemble into Jabba the Hutt's sailbarge and release some corresponding figures at the same time (Fett, Solo, Barada et all again - with maybe Jabba marketed once more).

    With regards to their fortress playset? Put the Death Star out in sections, perhaps with pack-in figures and Mouse Droids included. (You KNEW I was going to mention Mouse Droids, didn't you?)

    It so irks me that Pirates comes and goes and will probably be forgotten - but Star Wars has started and survived the whole licensing phenomenon and will very well likely continue being around if Hasbro continues to announce waves like the ones planned for 2007 like they just did!

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    You need to buy some Pirates playsets and use those for your SW figures. "Imperial Assault on Bermuda."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tycho
    Have you seen the Pirates attack fortress or the combat playset on the top deck of their ship? Come on Hasbro - Star Wars sets could outsell these and then-some!
    C'mon... you know that's not true. POTC is a fresh license, backed by two big new movies, backed by every ounce of hype that Disney can throw out there for them. Besides POTC having playsets has nothing to do with Star Wars... you might as well complain that because My Little Pony came out with a playset this year, Hasbro should do the same for Star Wars.

    I like Chux's idea anyway. "Space pirates" is always a fun way to go.

    (edit: wait, why is this thread in this section anyway?)
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    I don't think those playsets are selling well, they look a little plain I think, if Zizzle eats it on them it'll only reinforce Hasbro's belief that playsets are moneylosers.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

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    Tycho, you brought up the Battle Arenas - those really didn't sell that well, IIRC. I don't have any of them, since when they were out, I just didn't care all that much about them. However, I don't really see them as playsets so much as . . . well, I'm not sure what they were.

    Whenever Hasbro releases a playset, it's generally not in scale with the film, or really very accurate either, which I think is why they don't sell very well. I mean, I know they're items that are very much "for kids," but of course collectors buy them as well. If Hasbro were to really spend time and effort in making playsets, and making them well, I could see them selling really well. Up to this point, most of their playsets have been less than stellar, hence them not selling well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by plasticfetish

    (edit: wait, why is this thread in this section anyway?)
    Because this thread is really about getting more Star Wars playsets like Jabba's Sailbarge, the Death Star, etc.

    JabbaJohn: I didn't buy the Battle Arenas either. They could have been more than what they were - but Hasbro didn't think to make something useful for the kiddie market AND diorama builders (a type of collector I suppose).

    JT: I'd never heard of Zizzle before the POTC toys. Are they new on the scene or have they just been around "sucking" for a while now. The POTC toys don't seem to suck, btw - I just haven't seen a large variety yet, nor have I even seen the films, so I need to check that stuff out.

    Chux: does McFarlane ever make Beach Boy figures? I can have them take on 7" Unleashed Clone Troopers and make you an "Assault on Bermuda" diorama.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tycho
    JT: I'd never heard of Zizzle before the POTC toys. Are they new on the scene or have they just been around "sucking" for a while now.
    (I know I'm not JT, but...) They're a new company. I posted something about it over >> here a while ago.

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    Thanks. That was an interesting blog to read, PF.

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    Yeah, it's kind of a cool thing... we get to see a new company really get going (or try to) with this line. At the Zizzle/Pirates thread over at, there's a post about these being distributed in Canada now.

    At this point, I think we have three different POTC lines going -- NECA, Zizzle and the Disney Store. (Someone's really payed attention to how Star Wars is marketed.)

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    While it's true I haven't seen Pirates, I can't believe it could ever be compared to Star Wars' market-staying Force (pun intended).

    Batman, Super-Man, Spidey, nor Hulk could either. There's not a large enough universe.

    I think SW will run its course, but with the Givin, and Biggs Darklighter and all the sources from the EU that they're pulling from now - I can see new waves of figures until 2018 now.

    2006 will largely be forgotten as Hasbro has stepped up the anti for 2007 and nothing has ever compared to 2005 anyway. Revenge of the Sith was really "Revenge of Master-Marketing."

    Apparently it really paid off for them and they just rode their laurels this year. But next year? Whoa!

    See Spider-Man etc. occupies a world of ordinary humans. You could take Hulk for example, and make it a military line with privates, corporals, sergeants, etc. but other than that, "reporter woman," bicyclist, kid with dog, etc. (basically all the civilians) doesn't sound terribly interesting next to even non-speaking split second aliens like Herme Odel (JT will scoff at that as usual) but he'd really laugh if whoever has the Superman license decided to make action figures of all the passengers on the airplane.


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