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    Why does everyone type "anywho" now instead of anyhow?

    Well, why do they? Is it a typo? Or is the latest stupid language fad?

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    It was funny and clever and unique once upon a time, and now everyone who wants to try to appear funny and clever and unique is doing it.

    Personally, I prefer "anywhy" or "anywhat." They're still unique.
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    Sorry tycho . .. I've been saying anywho now for a long time . . honestly I don't even notice it anymore. I will try to refrain(sp) from using that phrase in the future.

    Anywhere . . . .
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    LIKE OMG, a girl I talk to on MySpace, LIKE OMG, uses "anywho" all the time and I think dudes sound like chicks when they're LIKE OMG using that phrase, LIKE OMG.

    There are some other ones, too. "Anywho" can be typed by mistake when someone is trying to type "anyHOW" though. Its the same letters.

    It's like JarJar's "Dellow Fellagates."

    Anyway, I wind up saying that a lot: "ANYWAY."

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    I don't use the phrase, so I don't think I've ever typed it. If I have it was a typo and I meant to say how. I prefer to use any way.
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    I use it all the time. I don't know why but "anywho" just sounds right to me.
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    Chicks online say that. It sounds wrong to me for a guy to use it, especially.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tycho
    Chicks online say that. It sounds wrong to me for a guy to use it, especially.
    Then there's a simple answer for that. Don't say it.
    Up, up, and OKAAAAY!!!

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    I hate that word! arghh its so pretentious sounding.

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