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    Creepiest episode EVER with Dwight in that rocking chair.

    Not to mention Roy acting like a violent douche.

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    Dwight in the rocking chair was awesome, as was Michael's list of relationship wants: ".... the ketchup fights, the tickling... the giggling."

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    "How about some appetizers? Got any Bagel Bites?" Oh man, I was laughing so hard at that part. Great episode with Dwight and his tests to find out the quality of the house (hanging on the railing?!?!) and yeah, Dwight sitting in that chair while that kid was sleeping was uber creepy. And when Dwight popped out from the backseat at the end, good stuff; totally didn't see that.

    And seriously, what the hell, Roy! That was craziness! I didn't expect him to start breaking stuff and destroying the bar. I'm really thinking that by the time Roy goes after Jim, hopefully Angry Andy will be back from anger managment and help out his Big Tuna? That would be a great way to welcome him back. But yeah, another great episode!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Caesar View Post
    Creepiest episode EVER with Dwight in that rocking chair.
    "Oh good, you're awake."

    Great episode!
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    Dwight should've been hauled off as a paedophile!!

    Jan needs her head examined!

    Good for Pammy!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Skeezer View Post
    a violent douche.
    Now if anything out there don't paint a pretty picture, it's that. Yikers.

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    Joss Whedon worked on last week, so there were vampires, and now JJ Abrams did this one and there was . . . uh . . . violence at the end. Weird.

    The Pam/Roy Take 2 thing lasted shorter than I thought it would.
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    I fell asleep during Weekend Update last Saturday but I did like the monologue.
    I think they could have done more with it but it was still a good Office Spoof.
    Kristin Wiig especially cracks me up...

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    I saw that episode, Cae. That was a dead on impersonation of Pam (and Jim). Kenan sucked as Stanley, though.

    No new Office episodes until April 15th.
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