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    Yeah, I was reading that in James Gunn's blog...I'm so bummed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jedi_Master_Guyute View Post
    So, Steve Carrell didn't show up for work today thanks to the WGA strike. Let's enjoy these last few episodes before christmas cos this season is pretty much finito.
    Greg Daniels said that for every month of the strike 3 episodes won't be made. Also D. Fart Schrute didn't show up to work as well.

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    I read that NBC is considering running episodes of the British Office during the strike. Yeah, I was never that impressed with it. Gonna be a long winter, folks.

    Edit: just read that Greg Daniels said the last new episode of THE OFFICE airs next week. So, yup, last new one, next week. dammit.
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    Say goodbye to The Office...for now:
    Carell Ducks 'The Office' for Strikers
    Nov. 7, 2007, 2:34 PM EST

    The Associated Press
    NEW YORK -- Filming has stopped on the popular NBC sitcom "The Office" because star Steve Carell has refused to cross the picket lines of striking writers, a producer said Wednesday.
    Greg Daniels, executive producer of the show, says the last new episode of the show will air next week. It is among at least eight prime-time shows to stop shooting as of Wednesday because of the strike.
    A publicist for Carell did not immediately return calls from The Associated Press.
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    I saw a video with 4-5 regulars picketing so its far more then S.C.

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    Hmmmmmm, why does every episode have to end up being about something totally ridiculous out of the office? Michael being out in the woods was somewhat obnoxious. Made no sense.
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    Another weak episode. This whole season has been weak. I just don't get excited for thursday nights anymore. Could spell it's demise. To compound things this strike thing is throwing a wrench in the works too.

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    I enjoyed this episode. I liked the transition Jim had when he got a bit of power. It was nice and different to see Jim behaving like a complete *** for once, overstepping that line of sarcastic and schmuck. I had to laugh when Phyllis called him Michael; that was great! That end scene between Jim and michael was funny stuff. Jim realizing that michael has a bit more to him and his style. And the discussion on "that's what she said" was good.

    And michael in the wild was good stuff, especially with Dwight following him around and how funny was it when Dwight poached those eggs and was cooking them?!?!!

    "Tell her it's for Creed, she'll know what it means."

    I also thought Dwight's hidden weapons were HYSTERICAL. "Mr. A Knife." Oh man, i couldn't stop laughing. Solid episode!
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    I liked last night's episode, but not so much "Michael's Adventures in the Forest", which I thought was worse than his antics at Phyllis's Wedding. Luckily, Dwight was there with some funny material, like cooking the bird eggs. I also liked their conversation in the car. "I wouldn't leave you for dead. I would remove your teeth and your fingertips so they can't trace any DNA." "Wow, you are as creepy as a real serial killer."

    I loved the "Birthday Month" storyline though. That sort of saved the episode for me. I nearly wet myself when Creed was furious over his peach cobbler. Andy requesting a Fudgie the Whale cake was funny, too. And for some reason, I thought Kevin beating Dwight with a blow-up doll was hysterical.

    Not the greatest episode this season, but I was still satisfied.
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    It wasn't as great as last week's, which is already one of my all time favorites, but this one was still very solid, I laughed at alot of it.

    Good stuff.

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