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    "It's not a songbird."

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    Tonight's episode was excellent. I loved Ryan and Kevin's stories about Cousin Mufasa and Uncle Bernie. And the idea to build a robotic tribute to Mr. Truck with light-up eyes and moving arms. "Make it two-thirds. He'll be easier to stop if he turns on us." And Dwight trying to shove the dead bird in a soda can was hilarious. "I would've made it fit if he had given me another minute."
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    "Is that the beak?"

    Don't forget about Pam starting it all off with the Million Dollar Baby story.

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    ''.....he was re-buried in an oil drum........."
    You'll be dead!

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    Excellent Episode!!! That one was one of, if not, my favorite ep. so far this season. Hilarious stuff and yet deep, at the same time. Too many good quotes to list, although you all have done a good job so far. Ohhh, here's one that got me.

    "This isn't a game."
    "Well, there is a ball."

    "That's the best deal you're gonna get. I won't tell you you can save yourself, because you can't."

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    How about Michael looking at that old pic with Ed and covering Ed's head with paper to imagine him headless ?

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    I have the strength of a grown man and a little baby.

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    I'm going to dub this the funniest episode yet. Personal favorites:

    1. "He's dead, he died.........without even his head to console him."- GENIUS AND HYSTERICAL. I damn near fell off my couch.
    2. Dwight being Dwight. Stomping out that bird. I also enjoyed the "Put my head on ice" comment to Angela.
    3. Pam, Ryan and Kevin passing off movies as their relatives. I loved Kevin's attempt at "Weekend at Bernie's" and that being the only movie Michael had seen, caught him. Kevin just cracks me up when he tries to be wiley.

    The previews for this week look GREAT. Jim & Pam. eeek!
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    Hell yeah JMGuy, gotta agree with all those points. Well, I don't think it was quite the funniest of the year but they've all been so me it's apples and more apples.

    Anyway, YES to Kevin's Bernie story, I know I'm hard on him sometimes so I'll give credit where due - that was brilliantly done.
    And the way he chuckled at the Oscar/birdcrap story. Speaking of which, I wonder how long Oscar will be gone ? I know he got that long trip out of Jan but I was surprised that he was already gone as of episode 2.

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    Oscar will be back any week now, apparently he is pitching a show to Comedy Central thus the reason for the three month Euro vaca.

    Caesar: How can you not love Kevin?!?!?!?

    JMG: I lalso ike it that we'll be seeing some JAM interaction again!

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