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    Yeah, cuz sweaty, lazy, horny fat people are hilarious.

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    I thought last night's episode was okay, but I enjoyed the Kevin/Andy plotline much more than Michael's. I didn't find Michael's shallowness to be all that funny this time around. He just seemed like a creepy stalker while talking about the chair model. But I loved Kevin and Andy calling together "the five families".
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    Quote Originally Posted by Caesar View Post
    Yeah, cuz sweaty, lazy, horny fat people are hilarious.
    You know it! My cousin CRACKS ME UP!

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    I *heart* Jim and Pam. They are a nice balance to the cartooniness of Dwight and Michael. Phyllis rocks my world!!!

    The dinner party episode was the best 30 minutes in television... EVER.
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    Overall, I thought this episode was pretty solid.

    - I enjoyed Andy and Kevin and the Godfather style meeting of the five families. I also didn't expect the more dramatic part with Kevin talking briefly about Stacey and how it was "good to win one." That caught me off guard as it was touching and sweet.

    - Jim and Pam were also great. Question though: why in the hell does Jim just carry around an engagement ring with him? Seems kinda odd. And like everybody else, I was also pretty much on the edge of my seat and i thought it was great how Jim was messin' with her. I do hope he waits a bit to propose though.

    - Michael was pretty funny tonight too, but i thought it was just silly how him and Dwight went to visit that girls grave. That was just goofy. Probably my only complaint about the episode actually.

    Overall though, I enjoyed the episode.
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    I enjoyed the episode as well, for the most part.
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    Last night's episode was great. It's the first episode I really enjoyed since it returned. As soon as Ryan looked so happy to see Michael and Dwight at the club, I instantly thought, "he's a cokehead". Surprise, surprise, huh? I was rolling when Dwight was calling Ryan's friend a hobbit, though. And more power to him for hooking up with that basketball player. I have to say, as strange of a guy as Toby is, I probably would have jumped the fence too after pulling that stunt.

    Quote of the episode? Pam: There is a spare key, and a master key for the office. Dwight has them both. When I asked 'What if you die, Dwight, how will we get into the office?', he said 'If I'm dead, you guys have been dead for weeks'.
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    I have really liked all the new episodes since it came back on. Yesterday was another good one, especially Tody jumping the fence.

    Going back a bit: "Pam said when she gets Michaels old chair I can have her old one. Then Ill have two. Only one to go...."
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    I liked the episode in many ways but Ryan has been wasted, I think...they could write him out of the show now that he's gone and I wouldn't miss him.
    Hopefully they'll get out of these storylines and demote him back to Scranton.

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    I thought the episode was pretty solid.

    Man, that sequence with Toby was just hysterical. I don't know if he was making up the talks about Costa Rica or where ever, but perhaps this is a possibility of the spin off? Could be interesting. I like Toby.

    The show has made a pretty strong return when compared to that dreck that aired before the strike. Told ya some good could come out of that situation.
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