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    The May 15th episode is supposed to include a rather large goodbye party for Toby.....

    Thats all.
    You'll be dead!

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    Quote Originally Posted by General_Grievous View Post
    Last night's episode was great. It's the first episode I really enjoyed since it returned. As soon as Ryan looked so happy to see Michael and Dwight at the club, I instantly thought, "he's a cokehead". Surprise, surprise, huh? I was rolling when Dwight was calling Ryan's friend a hobbit, though. And more power to him for hooking up with that basketball player. I have to say, as strange of a guy as Toby is, I probably would have jumped the fence too after pulling that stunt.

    Quote of the episode? Pam: There is a spare key, and a master key for the office. Dwight has them both. When I asked 'What if you die, Dwight, how will we get into the office?', he said 'If I'm dead, you guys have been dead for weeks'.
    Ah, man Toby jumping the fence like that was GREAT. The look on everybody's faces was really funny.

    and I couldn't stop laughing at that quote from Dwight. It's so glorious and Dwight-esque.

    Rebo- I don't know if I buy that. I think they might be trying to throw us off, or perhaps this will lead into the spinoff that is planned? Maybe Ryan gets fired or demoted back to Scranton due to this drug problem and Toby takes his place and that sets up the spinoff? I did read on NBC.COM that the episode was called "Goodbye, Toby" but perhaps somebody just says that to him? It just seems too obvious. Either way, I hope he doesn't leave as he always cracks me up.

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    All this talk about a spinoff needs to NBC trying to kill this thing ???

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    The Dwight stuff was the best, but Toby's ackward moment with Pam was pretty good.

    Are you a hobbit?

    Infinities will be Ryan's downfall. Count on it.

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    I thought this week was a little too serious at times...but still had some funny moments.

    They need more basic themes sometimes, like Halloween or Sexual Harassment, etc.

    This week's episode title looks like a promising premise.

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    Did I stutter?
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    I thought tonight's episode was awesome!!! We are now officially back to The Office of old!!!

    That being said, next weeks finale is an hour long so it could go downhill again.
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    Thumbs down

    I thought last night's episode was garbage.

    I don't know but the show hasn't made me laugh in a long time. It's mildly amusing in spots but that's it. I'll probably watch next week's finale but that may be it. Just don't look forward to the show anymore.

    Michael just makes me uncomfortable with his complete ineptitude and lack of sensitivity. It has always bothered me and it is finally coming to a head I think. I know he's supposed to be funny acting like this but I never was into that type of humor.

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    Very good show last night, Creed stole the show with "Let's ditch this b**ch" and calling Angela "Pumpkin."

    Good stuff last night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caesar View Post
    Very good show last night, Creed stole the show with "Let's ditch this b**ch" and calling Angela "Pumpkin."
    "I finished my work months ago..."
    "That's the best deal you're gonna get. I won't tell you you can save yourself, because you can't."

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