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Last night was awesome, I loved it! Probably the 2nd best episode of the season (after Niagra) and frankly season 6 appears to be shaping up to be the best since season 3.

Michael had some great stuff last night: everything with Toby was gold and I loved the convo with Pam's mom, aka "Boo."
Agreed, this one might be another of my all-time favorite epsiodes!

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I am pretty much hating this season more than liking it. I'm about to stop watching as Steve Carrell's portrayal of Michael Scott is not even close to funny anymore as he bludgeons the viewer and the office workers with his stupidity. it was so much better when he was gently clueless.
I suppose it would help to know someone who acts like that in real life - I've known several! No, I am not kidding. Yes, that stupid.