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When you asked me to stand up in your wedding (last year?) there was NOTHING mentioned about 'Schrute-like crackdowns' so if you want to add those duties I think you'll have to up the ante if you know what I mean.
Ok, you can have the honor of cutting off my tie...in an homage to Halpert's wedding.

So...getting back to a group discussion...if season 7 is the last season, how do you want the series to end?
Personally, some of my all-time favorite shows don't have a good track record of going out on a satisfying note. For example:
1) The Sopranos - sudden cut to black
2) Deadwood - canceled after the fact, between seasons
3) Seinfeld - cast goes to jail for a whole year
I don't have a firm idea in my head but I'll think of something...hopefully they'll include the end of the contract for the documentary crew, maybe give us a bit of backstory on why they were being filmed in the first place? Or maybe they'll not address it at all...may not want to reference the documentary in the first place. Hmmmmmmm.