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    Another nice episode, although I do wonder if its a bit of laziness on the writers part to have a(nother) Dundies episode.

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    Another ep about the Dundies was inevitable. The writers ran out of fresh ideas a long time ago.

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    Michael's last episode, pretty good. I was happy to see it was extended to 50 minutes.

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    Pretty good start to this season imho, I'm not set on watching it every week but its been good so I've kept going, although if there is a stinker I'm out.

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    I agree. I think Andy is going to be great as manager, and I barely missed Michael!

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    I liked the first episode just fine, but the second one was incredibly broad and simple. Kevin's baby talk thing just killed the whole episode for me (not that Andy getting a tattoo on his butt was genius anyway).

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    I saw that Stephen Colbert would make a cameo, so I DVR'd it. I don't watch it regularly, but that seemed more weird than I've seen in the past, even if it was a Halloween episode. It was so-so (but again, I haven't seen a new episode in a loooooong time; none in the post-Carell era). And Pam HATES "Monster Mash"?
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    My roommate still watches the show and told me that Stephen Colbert only appeared via the Internet. Does a guest star even count when it's just a video of him?

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    He was only seen via a TV screen in the episode (without glasses); he has a decent singing voice, too.
    "May the 4th be with you?" "Why yes, thank you for asking."

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