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    The thing about the Clone Emperor possibly not being the Emperor came from a book about five years later. The point being, if he was really the Emperor returning from the grave, why didn't he try to contact his Hands, and instead assembled a new group of less talented cronies?

    The only thing Dark Empire had going for it was the art. It was gorgeous, but totally inappropriate for SW.
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    Some of these stories are lame, and some are enjoyable. I just don't take them that seriously, I take them for what they are (kinda like Marvel's "what if" comics). If I read an EU story, it doesn't affect my feelings for the real deal (the movies).

    Now if Legacy was released in movie form as "episode 7" or something, that would definitely be a problem in my book. But as it is now, just take 'em or leave 'em I say.

    Same thing with the EU figures, I get some enjoyment out of those, but it's more of a novelty thing (like X-Mas Yoda and such). Some of these characters don't look like they belong in the SW universe, but their designs make for some fun toys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reefer Shark
    I take them for what they are
    Yes!!! Exactly my thoughts as well. I think some of you guys think things out waaaaay to much, and in the end, does it really matter???
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    I think the discussion of EU that took a tangent to toys and figures is a good distinction to make. Many collectors lamented the carp (I don't know who here at SSG started that, but it's classic! ) that Hasbro was producing, and it seems that Lucasbooks is headed in the same direction. (Anyone notice that the quality of books has basically dropped since Del Rey was taken off the covers of books?) With EU, it is fiction. I do try to read everything (that was one collection thing I never stopped by a completist for), and I try to recall as much as I can. But, it seems the editor-in-chief has a bionic hand, has yelled "yippee! " before, and fell into a river of lava (BTW, the person I'm referring to is Sio Bibble, of course )... heading towards the Dark Side.

    It's one thing to have to re-work EU plotlines to fit the films (and I think the EU has done a pretty good job of that, Boba Fett-Jaster Mareel-stormtrooper-Fenn Shysa notwithstanding), but another to basically re-work the films to fit your plot ideas. Dis'n bad hebbin, boyos...
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    I tend to think of most, maybe all, EU as not the real Star Wars.
    Star Wars begins and ends in the six movies.
    While I have enjoyed a few comics and books, and others are just laughable, I don't consider them as part of the main story.
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    I think the new LEGACY story arc is awesome!!! How cool is Darth Krayt being Jacen Solo!!!(not proven yet, but very likely) Like all balances. They can be disrupted again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by scruffziller View Post
    How cool is Darth Krayt being Jacen Solo
    Substitute any of the following words for "cool" and my answer would be "very":


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    There's a Darth Krayt ?

    Does he make Krayt Dragon calls ?

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    To steal a couple of Chux's choices...

    Darth Krayt: the Cheesy Moron-aroni.

    Jacen has to be the Legacy Sith. Even Ben won't go that far; he might be the "apprentice" to Jacen's "master" status, IMO.
    I predict that the upcoming Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi film will include the word "and." Multiple times.


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