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    Quote Originally Posted by el Bel-Cam Yo View Post
    I am a few chapters into the new Maul book; I like books with short chapters. And there's a very interesting character in those first early chapters.
    Done. I liked Schreiber's style in his "horror" SW books (Red Harvest, Death Troopers), which found its way into Maul's solo book. Too many subplots for me, interesting that "caf" became "coffee," Maul was too easily getting out of his troubles (spoiler: he survives the end of this pre-TPM novel) and too quick at healing from his injuries. Interesting who turns out to be the mysterious weapons dealer (did not even consider that option). I had a hard time visualizing the settings. Did like the chapter titles, as a little preview to come. Not bad as an EU story, but not great either.
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    The next Lego SW book: The Yoda Trilogy Chronicles. It was funny, but I haven't seen the show yet.
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    Honor Among Thieves is unfortunately kind of typical. Not bad, but not quite SW, and it ends on a "well, all the new elements are safely out of the picture and we're back to the same status quo" note.

    Like I said, not bad, much better than a lot of SW books, but, I dunno, I'm a bit tired of the books that feel like they add absolutely nothing to the overall picture.

    Also, I'm rather certain the author referred to Grans once as Grans, and once as Kinyenians, making me look that up and make sure I wasn't missing some obscure other race from that world, or that Ree-Yees was now considered a member of a completely separate species from the prequel Grans.
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    So, who's up for a Marvel Star Wars/Power Rangers comic book crossover event?

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    My wife got me Maul: Lockdown from the Amazon Vine program (still available, even though the book's been released). I was curious as to how a book about the always overrated Maul could be "the follow-up to Darth Plagueis" and involve Plagueis knowing of Maul's existence at all. Frankly, if I'd recognized the author was the guy who'd written the two "Star Wars zombies" books, I might've passed.

    Two chapters in, the writing's decent enough. I'm really, really bothered by one thing, though. The book starts with Maul already in prison, undercover, engaged in a sort of pit fight. Against an alien whose species is not named, but is unmistakably a Yuuzhan Vong. No question whatsoever. He's big, ritualistically scarred, wearing mismatched organic armor, carries a living staff (and the book even calls the damned thing an amphistaff!!), and has no presence in the Force. But is wearing metal piercings. So, first, we've got a prisoner in a penitentiary who's a (low-ranking, apparently) representative of an extragalactic species whose presence in the galaxy should be absolutely minimal and hush-hush at this point, plus, second, this guy's a bit confused about his religion because he has all the scars and other emblems, but seems cool with non-organic jewelry.

    Like I said, writing's decent enough, but, c'mon, the Vong were the subject of a fricking multi-year crossover. They're pretty damned important and tough to forget. Even if he couldn't be bothered to get them right, shouldn't someone at Lucasfilm give him a spanking and make him fix it?
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    I wonder if Schreiber just continued his SW Infinities-type writing (like his two other SW novels). You don't need continuity in that style. Since said prisoner died in the book, you don't have to worry. IIRC, wasn't a Chiss also a character here, yet another "mysterious," Unknown Regions SW species?
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    I dunno. I haven't gotten to a Chiss here, and refused to touch the zombie crap. This is supposedly in-canon (whatever that means this week), and he's working with Luceno to make it jive with Darth Plagueis.

    Personally, not sure I'm down with Plagueis having any idea of Maul's existence. He knows how the Rule of Two works; that'd be a moronic thing to allow to go on.
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    Very funny El Chuxter.

    Darth Maul was not a real Sith Lord.

    The book alludes to as much.

    Plagueis = master - working behind the scenes and probably created Anakin while Shmi was a patient of Hego Damask - doctor, CEO

    Anakin is deisgned to become the ultimate Sith (but the incident on Mustafar changed that).

    Palpatine is apprentice.

    When Dooku is apprentice, he gets Ventress and Savage Opress to be his Force-wielding minion. Palpatine even later uses Mara Jade.

    So why not let Maul think he is a "Darth" or whatever it takes to be Palpatine's errand boy. They even have Maul tattoo his face so no one will ever accept him (ELECT HIM) to usurp the power Palpatine can command by the Republic willingly voting for him.

    Dooku was the most dangerous - as better trained than Maul or Anakin, Dooku also had his own Separatist droid army and was popular as few call him Darth Tyranus.

    Dooku could have destroyed Palpatine (possibly) but Anakin had more midi-chlorians until he had less - and two legs and two arms less.
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    Have less than 100 pages left of Lost Tribe of the Sith to read. It's picked up. Still not one of the best SW novels I've read.

    On a side note, I saw where Barnes and Noble at SW:Frames for $50. Zipped over and picked up a copy. It's a damn heavy book! The clerk said it was the heaviest book in the store. Kinda aggrevated my back while waiting to check out.


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