I'm pretty close to cutting out any further EU works that take place after ROTJ. Why? The more I think about it, the more the current direction of the novels and comics seems to be undermining the films themselves.

You can have Sith in any work published prior to 1999. Chalk it up to ignorance.

You can have Sith in any work published now that takes place prior to ROTJ. The Force is not yet at balance.

You CANNOT include Sith in anything published after the prequels that takes place after Anakin's death. Period. No question, end of story.

Why not? The Force has been brought to the proper balance. The Sith are extinguished. They are no more. They have ceased to be. Including them now is a feeble attempt to sell more books because the folks at Lucasfilm care more about money than Lucas's story, and they think cool-looking character designs with lots of red lightsabers sell more books than decent, consistent storytelling.

Including Sith is tantamount to having a sequel to Babe start with Farmer Hoggett kicking the snot out of Babe and yelling, "That won't do, Pig! That won't do!"

So, pretty pictures notwithstanding, I doubt I'll pick up any more issues of Legacy. And I have serious doubts that I'll be reading the upcoming Legacy novels if they continue in this vein as well.

I'll be first in line for Allegiance and the Darths Bane and Plagueis novels, though.