Read CW Secret Missions #3: Duel at Shattered Rock. The subtitle is a bit of a misnomer, but it's actually a well-written YA book that sets up the next one, but not so cheesily so.

Here's another EU books update:
- The Art and Making of Star Wars : The Old Republic (Daniel Erickson) Hardcover 10/19/2011
- Star Wars : The Old Republic #3 (Drew Karpyshyn) Hardcover 10/18/2011
- Star Wars : The Complete Vader (Ryder Windham, Peter Vilmur) Hardcover 10/18/2011
- LEGO Star Wars Character Encyclopedia (Dorling Kindersley Publishing Staff) Hardcover 10/17/2011
- Star Wars Art : Comics (George Lucas) Hardcover 10/01/2011
- The Essential Clone Wars (Unknown) Other Format 09/29/2011
- Star Wars : Riptide (Paul S. Kemp) Mass Market Paperback 09/27/2011
- Star Wars : The Force Unleashed II (Sean Williams) Mass Market Paperback 08/30/2011
- Star Wars : Fate of the Jedi: Ascension (Christie Golden) Hardcover 08/16/2011
- Star Wars Clone Wars Incredible Vehicles (Dorling Kindersley Publishing Staff) Hardcover 08/15/2011
- Star Wars : Choices of One (Timothy Zahn) Hardcover 07/19/2011
- Several 2012 Star Wars: The Saga/Clone Wars Oversized Wall/DVD/Desk Pad/Box Calendars 07/01/2011
- Star Wars Visual Dictionary of Characters (DK Publishing) Hardcover 06/20/2011
- Star Wars: The Old Republic: Fatal Alliance (Sean Williams) Mass Market Paperback 05/24/2011
- Star Wars Fate of the Jedi #7: Conviction (Aaron Allston) Hardcover 05/24/2011
- Star Wars vs. Star Trek: Could the Empire kick the Federation's [rear]? And other galaxy-shaking enigmas (Matt Forbeck) Paperback 05/18/2011
- Star Wars Fate of the Jedi #5: Allies (Christie Golden) Mass Market Paperback 04/26/2011
- A Jedi Adventure In 3-D (Pablo Hidalgo) Paperback 04/14/2011
- Star Wars: The Old Republic: Deceived (Paul S. Kemp) Hardcover 03/22/2011

And the Lost Tribe of the Sith has been an e-book series (up to #6 as of Feb. 2011).