I started a spoiler discussion thread for Darth Plagueis in this forum. Jump in the conversation there:

1) when you've read the entire book


2) if you just want to post your thoughs on spoiler information without reading everyone else's posts until you complete the book.

My very first post is just speculation, and as I haven't finished reading the book yet myself, I still don't know if I'm right.

In any event, I'm giving my step-by-step impressions and just posting but not reading spoilers ahead of where I may have gotten with the story.

So far it's really good.

James Luceno is my personal favorite Star Wars author (though of course Zahn is great and I dig his stuff, too). Luceno is just darker and I like that. Labrynth of Evil, the ROTS prequel had to be one of the best SW books I've ever read.