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    I started a spoiler discussion thread for Darth Plagueis in this forum. Jump in the conversation there:

    1) when you've read the entire book


    2) if you just want to post your thoughs on spoiler information without reading everyone else's posts until you complete the book.

    My very first post is just speculation, and as I haven't finished reading the book yet myself, I still don't know if I'm right.

    In any event, I'm giving my step-by-step impressions and just posting but not reading spoilers ahead of where I may have gotten with the story.

    So far it's really good.

    James Luceno is my personal favorite Star Wars author (though of course Zahn is great and I dig his stuff, too). Luceno is just darker and I like that. Labrynth of Evil, the ROTS prequel had to be one of the best SW books I've ever read.
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    I'm a good chunk into it myself.

    I've decided that I'm fine with picking and choosing what EU I bother with and don't let the rest bother me. Everything prior to 1999 is fair game, though I discount most of the Marvel series. Lumiya never existed (though Shira Brie did--make sense?). The New Jedi Order is cool with me, as are all prequel-era books through about 2006 and, especially, Tatooine Ghost. The Space Bug (Joiner?) Trilogy is fairly okay, more for Luke finally learning about this parents than the stupid space bugs, and, after that, the heroes of the Rebellion enjoyed the rest of their lives in peace and the Sith never returned. Anything by Zahn and Luceno since that point is canon, too, though I have to discount some frame narratives that pretend Jacen became a Sith Lord and killed Mara or something else ludicrous that would make me laugh if they actually printed such tripe. Clone Wars, fugheddaboutit.
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    I saw the thread and avoided it like the plague!! I've only heard good things about it so far.

    I want to be surprised.

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    Since I constantly re-read my own (2nd nove) I'm writing about 2 femme fatales (a Mafia daughter and an FBI cadet) mixed up in the drug cartel wars with victory hinging on who can recover a Civil War era treasure, I have little time to spend reading other stuff for pleasure.

    But I'm slowly making progress through Darth Plagueis because I really like Luceno's writing and I really wanted to read this in particular amongst all possible Star Wars subject-matter.

    However, I am fining that I actually writer FASTER and GREATER action than Luceno or possibly Zahn do.

    "Labrynth of Evil" is still my favorite Luceno Star Wars novel, as it was thriller-style as Mace Windu closed in on Darth Sidious' real identity and came within a few more steps of discovering Palpatine's treachery even before ROTS, prompting Sidious to order his own (Palpatine's) kidnapping by General Grievous and Count Dooku to gain sympathy and dissuade suspicion. Ugggh! And Mace was so close to learning everything. Even though I knew he wouldn't, Luceno made me believe it was possible he would.

    Then of course, when Anakin comes to him in ROTS, Mace had been thrown off the trail, but the information Skywalker brought him DID make sense, in light of his discoveries in Labrynth of Evil, when taking that into continuity.

    But it's a good study to see how Luceno built suspense. I really need to read Labrynth of Evil again.

    Darth Plagueis (not spoiling anything) is reading like a historical narrative, as there's no suspense build up. The Sith Lord (Sidious' master - and you all already knew that) is just going about his business thus far - but I've barely had time to cover 50 pages into the book.

    By contrast, in Labrynth of Evil, Mace Windu caught the scent of the Sith and was on the hunt for the Dark Lord from the get-go if I recall correctly. So there was a clear objective from page one.

    In my western novel that begins right before the Civil War, my hero figure is betrayed and ambushed because of an act of treason by another Union soldier acting as a self-serving opportunist (well, he doesn't actually have too much of a choice) and though this is not ALL that my novel is about, from the get-go, my hero is after the bad-guy's identity and a means to stop him and Southern rebels he's conspiring with. So the story opens with a bloody fight and it moves on at a pretty good pace from there.

    My modern story starts with a drug cartel street war with SWAT and the National Guard having to be called in with gunships for air support (it's bad) but now that I've looked at it like the difference between Labrynth of Evil, where Mace has a clear objective, and Darth Plagueis, where the Sith Lord is just going about his business doing "Sith things," I'm not sure my 2nd novel is as strong.

    My bad girl sets up a situation where she eliminates three adversaries by having her lawyer, a cop investigatinig her, and a DEA agent kill each other in a crossfire orchestrated by her design, showing just how crafty and dangerous she can be, but you really don't know exactly what she's up to in the first chapter. And the 2nd chapter is all action - the other characters are introduced as is there participation and violent capabilities shown by the next ensuing battle of the drug war.

    I hope my readers would like the action, but yeah, now that I think of it, people might wonder "why are these characters there in the first place?" For now I will live with that being a mystery and see if I'm successful with the way I started my 2nd book. Still, reading Star Wars has assisted me in a way that was unexpected and I see my own writing in a new light with this epithany I just had.

    I originally pursued being an author because I wanted to write Star Wars books, after writing countless reviews of them for Rogues' Gallery, when I first started at SirStevesGuide. And I was instructed to get my career started with my own work, and I tend to think about political and social subject matter for my material and create in that arena, versus science fiction where I'm primarily a fan of the established mainstream genres such as Star Wars and Star Trek.
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    Oh, so you haven't gotten to the sex scene with Palpatine, then? That was way unexpected.
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    You mean the part about how he once had a relationship with JarJar and an Ugnaught?

    Don't spoil this for everyone else!

    If you're not joking around, then that's very intriguing.

    As a writer, I'd have him involved with a previous Queen of Naboo, or King Veruna's wife or daughter. The adulterous affair is a great plot device.

    Now I doubt he'd have been involved with Shmi - even though my theory is that his DNA helped father Anakin (this is speculation - not a spoiler!)

    As a literary situation, if Palpatine were actually involved with Shmi Skywalker, intimately, it would be too convenient and not "creepy" enough - as though (speculation) Darth Plagueis, were involved with corporate medical care and somehow influenced what befell Shmi Skywalker that way. Well we KNOW from the movies that he was involved with Anakin's "creation" somehow, and Anakin has no Muun blood in him. But what does "influenced the midi-chlorians to create life mean?" John Edwards influences midi-chlorians to create life, as did Arnold Schwarzeneggar. They just used a more traditional method.
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    I still think some riff on the fan theory that Dooku (or Plagueis) did experiments on Shmi while she was still a slave, impregnating her with Palpatine's DNA, would be the best way to go. Shmi, being an ignorant slave, would have no way to explain what happened, and would not know of a father for Anakin.

    I really, really want Luceno or someone else of that caliber (Zahn, Stover, Salvatore, or Stackpole, if they can make nice with him) to eventually be given the task of chronicling the Skywalker history. According to one DK book (which may or may not be canon since it's DK, and LFL has a habit of not honoring their material), Shmi and her family were kidnapped from a transport when she was very young and sold into slavery. There have to be other Skywalkers out there that the core characters don't know they're related to. I'll wager they're Force-sensitive, too.
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    I just finished Darktroopers. I was enjoying it until the Doctor opened up the Seclusion hold. It was okay from there on out but there is just something unsettling about everyone's favorite convicts being everywhere. You would have thought that being attacked by the dead would change a man...

    I still trying to get caught up with my EU. Do I need to read Crosscurrent and Millennium Falcon before reading the Fate of the Jedi Series?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tycho View Post
    You mean the part about how he once had a relationship with JarJar and an Ugnaught?

    Don't spoil this for everyone else!
    Well, from the 10 chapters I've read so far, I do recall both Gungans and Ugnaughts mentioned...

    I started Shadow Games by two authors (forgot both), but I stopped once I picked up DP. All I can say about SG so far: it had both Han Solo AND Dash Rendar in it. Hmm...

    Quote Originally Posted by D.M.
    I still trying to get caught up with my EU. Do I need to read Crosscurrent and Millennium Falcon before reading the Fate of the Jedi Series?
    The FOTJ series reads fast. MF is a great single book, and CC was just so-so. I'm just sayin'...
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    Darth Metalmute asked a question I can't answer. Please help him (see above).

    Chux, I don't think the Skywalkers before Anakin were Force sensitive unless they retcon it that Shmi had some ability that she never harnessed. But Qui-Gon would have sensed that, right?

    I think that ONLY Shmi had Force-sensitive "something" done to her, by Plagueis, to create Anakin. Thus HE is the first Force-sensitive Skywalker, then...

    Ben Skywalker's descendants like Cole, Bantha, and Cade (and likely 1 or 2 more at least)
    The Solo's - descendants of Leia through to Allanah Solo
    The Fel's - descendants of Jaina Solo through Marisiah Fel

    Since the youngest Force-sensitive Skywalkers we know of are female, their children will have different last names other than Solo or Fel.

    If Cade has children (ever) they will be the only ones to carry the Skywalker name, but their yet-unnamed cousins will be Skywalker heirs nevertheless (of these great-great-great grand-daughters).

    Thus beyond the Legacy comics, there could be at least 3 new baby "Skywalker heirs" born.

    I'm OK with Jacen Solo turning to the Dark Side (now - but it might've been a waste of his strong character development) if he's the LAST ONE to go to the Dark Side. Let these future 3 heirs all be Light Side Jedi of some sort, and find a different enemy to fight - which is why I appreciated the Yuuzhan Vong so much. The Sith can be let to rest for a while, and perhaps it's the Fel Empire, if one of the 3 (2 girls for sure) dies without an heir to the throne. Maybe because of an accident? All the girls that descend from Princess Leia are hot so that can't be it. haha.
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