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    Despite the title of this thread, if you want to bypass the malaise that has plagued EU in the last decade and a half, go out and buy or library check-out Aaron Allston's new X-Wing novel, Mercy Kill. It's the first hardcover one in the series, and I forgot how FUN and funny his version of the Wraith's was. I'm only 8 chapters in, but I can't stop smiling. And there's a storyline that I'm interested in seeing its conclusion. I noticed that they've released a compilation book of previous XW novels, too.

    So go. Go! Visit a library! Find a brick and mortar book seller! Get online and download the ebook, or purchase your own! Now!
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    I would rank X-Wing: Mercy Kill among the best EU ever published. Seriously (notice no ironic emoticons after it). Probably top 20 all-time. Fun, humorous, a storyline with depth and sympathy for the characters involved, plot twists (not just for shock value), new and established characters, and an opening for future stories by the end (or an end to the run). Aaron Allston is up there with the best SW authors. It references the YV war, and somehow makes that awful time period in EU history as somewhat decent.

    p.s. I also finished the YA book The Secret of the Fortune Wookiee by Tom Angleberger. More serious in its tone (perhaps like ESB) than the first two books, still kid-centric, sometimes funny. Chewbacca as a "cootie catcher" fortune teller is pretty good (with Han Foldo as his "translator" ).
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    I attended the authors panel at C6, and some cool stuff is in the pipeline literature wise: new series, new material and maybe some of the old Insider/Adventure Journal stories being released in electronic form.

    Can't wait for Scoundrels. Sounds like it's gonna be cool.

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    Finished SW The Old Republic: Annihilation by Drew K. It got better by the end, but I got the sense it was a video game book most of the way through (which it was, of course). Not much in the way of surprises, but Mr. K (not going to attempt his last name, nor search and copy/paste it) writes a good story and narration.
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    I have rebooted my SW comics and books review in a (reversed) Chronological format in my blogs.

    Feel free to post your comments in there.

    I'm re-reading the entire chronology in order, and posting reviews as I go along.

    I've tackled:

    Dawn of the Jedi - leaving space for up to 8 or 9 possible story arcs - the reason why 6,7,8 etc. are untitled but taking up space - as this series could extend until 2015. So I left some room.

    The Great Hyperspace War (Golden Age / Fall of The Sith Empire - Naga Sadow's time)

    The Sith War (Ulic Qel Droma's rise and fall)

    The Mandalorian War (Zayne Carrick at the onset of stories from KOTOR)

    and now I'm dealing with the traditional e-book novels for

    Lost Tribe of the Sith (to later follow with the comics, perhaps after The Old Republic series - I have to check the chronology)

    Anyway, amongst Ulic Qel Droma, Exar Kun, Nomi Sunrider, Zayne Carrick, successive Mandalores, this is a great era in Star Wars to explore, and so unrestricted to fit into the framework of the 6 movies.

    So check into my blog if you want for Rogues' Gallery 2.0!

    I am sometimes leery of the title of this thread because while it embodies current Star Wars EU reading, it makes as if to suggest it is all bad. It is definitely NOT all bad. That's for sure!
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    It's not as easy to copy & paste the upcoming books, but here's a list of what I could find:

    Crucible (Denning, T., hardback, 7/9/2013)
    X-Wing: Mercy Kill (Allston, A., paperback, 6/25/13)
    SW Omnibus: Infinities (Dark Horse Comics, 2/26/13)
    The Last Jedi: Star Wars (Reaves, M., paperback, 2/26/13)
    FOTJ: Apocalypse (Denning, T., paperback, 1/29/13)
    Scoundrels (Zahn, T., hardback, 1/1/13)
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    Just finished SW: Riptide. Thought it was okay. I read Cross Current when it first came out but just remember the main characters, not much of the plot. The sick clones/Mother storyline in Riptide might make more sense if I'd just read Cross Current.

    I should be getting some $$$ from the mother-in-law for Christmas. I intend to buy Zahn's Scoundrels.

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    I'm reading Old Republic: Revan and not progressing through it very well.

    I love Drew Karpyshan's "Darth Bane" books - he's an excellent writer. But even great writers fumble sometimes.

    Revan may be his time.

    I'm blogging about all the SW EU in chronological order and started with Dawn of the Jedi (comics) but I'm currently stuck on Revan. That is not a good sign in this case.
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    It dawned on me the other day: there hasn't been any young adult/juvenile SW-focused books in about a year now. I rather enjoy these books, and find some of them better written than some adult novels.

    Jude Watson, where are you???

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    OC - like in TV shows, our tastes are identical.

    I loved Jude Watson's Jedi Apprentice (best) and Jedi Quest books.

    You're exactly right that the concise tight plots and heroic stories made for great reads.

    I'm going to use the same format (but not young adult subject matter mind you) for backstories on my own novel characters.
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