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    I have this odd little holiday (Thanksgiving and Christmas) tradition of reading a SW novel during that time. I read Riptide over Thanksgiving. I was tempted to pick up and re-read Last of the Jedi, but instead went to Tales from Jabba's Palace, and am thoroughly enjoying that.

    I know Ryder Windham has written a couple of stand-alone young adult books in the last couple of years. I might have to check into those.

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    Pleasantly suprised to find Scoundrels at Wal-mart Saturday nite. Used a little of my Christmas money and bought it. The wife is going out of town in a couple of weeks, so I'm planning on being anti-social that weekend and reading it!

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    Used a gift card, a coupon and some Christmas money and finally bought the Old Republic Encyclopedia. One word: amazing, and I haven't got halfway through the book. The artwork is great. Gonna take my time and enjoy this one.

    Finished Ryder Windham's Luke Skywalker book. I hate to admit it, but it was a struggle to finish and I really can't narrow it to one issue. It was part original story (Luke's early years) but other parts were based on the old SW comic strip from the late 70s and early 80s. Windham's a capable writer and I've enjoyed most of his other SW-related writing, but this one....

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    I like Ryder Windham and correspond with him. Haven't read the Luke book though.

    I am reading Old Republic: Deceived. So far so good. I don't play much video games other than baseball (I almost have the Padres in the World Series but San Francisco is giving me a lot of trouble!)

    But Old Republic:Revan was hard to get through but the ending was satisfying.
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    Other upcoming books, some interesting, most at "eh" status:

    10/29/13 Annihilation: Star Wars The Old Republic (paperback) Drew Karpyshyn
    10/29/13 Rebels: Star Wars (hardcover) Martha Wells
    10/8/13 The Making of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi (hardcover) J. W. Rinzler, Brad Bird (Foreword by)
    10/1/13 Star Wars: The Jedi Path and Book of Sith Deluxe Box Set (hardcover) Daniel Wallace
    9/1/13 Star Wars: Jedi Academy (hardcover) Jeffrey Brown
    7/15/13 LEGO Star Wars: the Yoda Chronicles (hardcover) DK Publishing
    7/9/13 Crucible: Star Wars (hardcover) Troy Denning
    6/25/13 Mercy Kill: Star Wars X-Wing (paperback) Aaron Allston
    5/14/13 Star Wars Storyboards: The Prequel Trilogy (paperback) J. W. Rinzler
    5/7/13 Into the Void: Star Wars Dawn of the Jedi (paperback) Tim Lebbon
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    Finished two, one a resource book, the other a novel: The: Last Jedi (Reaves, M. & MK Bohnhoff) and The Essential Reader's Companion (Hidalgo, P.). The adventures of Jax Pavan, I-Five, Den Dhur, and... Darth Vader? were pretty good (with a reeeeeeally slow middle part that dragged) and it's rare that I don't have any idea how a SW book will end. Shocking aspects to start, and others of lesser shock value throughout; this was a more-than decent continuation of the "Coruscant Nights" trilogy (and Shadow Games novel).

    Hidalgo's epic tome is a must-read for anyone who follows the EU, not counting comic books (although he does reference several important ones like Dark Empire, Union, Chewbacca, and Quinlan Vos' activities), cartoons, or video games. It was like re-reading 30+ years of stories. One of the best publications for Star Wars, IMHO.
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    I am reading Old Republic: Deceived about Darth Malgus.

    With my own fiction writing project and constantly re-reading what I'm writing, I've had little time to read for my own pleasure.

    In ancient SW history, pre-TPM (by thousands of years) - I am a fan of...

    Sek'Nos Rath (Dawn of the Jedi) and Xesh (Force Hound - same series)... to some degree

    Naga Sadow - Golden Age of the Sith / Hyperspace War - to a larger degree

    Ulic Qel Droma and Exar Kun - by far my favorites to an extreme (their action figures are on my desk while I type)

    Vima Sunrider - although she only has the briefest of appearances, she could be interesting.

    Zayne Carrick - I've really grown to like him in the KOTOR comics and he's such an improbable hero, he's fun

    Darth Malak and Revan - to a degree. Their story is half told by the video game which I will one day have to get and play. I enjoy reading more when I get the chance. Revan, and Bastilla Shan - when I get the chance to know her better (if I do - and hopefully outside of the video game) might be pretty interesting.

    But my heart's not in to these characters as much as Ulic, Exar, and the later in coming Zayne.

    If new stories were told about anyone I listed above, I'd pick up the ones about Ulic, Exar, and Zayne first.

    ** I am re-reading the entire chronology of the EU by the actual books / comics in order.

    Like I said, I do not loathe this era at all. Quite the contrary. But the TOTJ / First Sith War story was the very best we got. I wish we got as much about that period as we did for KOTOR. There were Mandalorians during the Sith War - that's how their thoughts turned to conquest in the first place. A new Mandalore rose after the one who served Ulic, as well as Ulic and Exar, were all vanquished. If Ulic Qel Droma hadn't started events in motion, we never would have had the Mandalorian Wars in the first place.
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    If you need a quick rundown of the history of Star Wars and some of its significant creators, consider reading A Brief Guide to Star Wars by Brian J. Robb. But if you want a quick rundown of the history of Star Wars and some of its significant creators, that includes spelling errors not based on British English, repetitive details, as well as incorrect information about SW and a comparison of Jaxxon with JarJar, then definitely read ABGTSW.

    [edit] Found a couple more upcoming books to list here:
    4/23/13 Vader's Little Princess (hardcover) Jeffrey Brown [like that Darth Vader & Son book]
    6/3/13 The Clone Wars: Episode Guide (hardcover) Jason Fry
    7/2/13 William Shakespeare's Star Wars (hardcover) Ian Doescher
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    Amazon has the LEGO Yoda Chronicles available for pre order at $10.83, or thereabouts. About $8 off.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bel-Cam Jos View Post
    6/3/13 The Clone Wars: Episode Guide (hardcover) Jason Fry
    That one sounds interesting. I have a copy of the season 1 ep guide and have been aiming to check to see if there are guides for the other seasons. Lot of good info in it.

    I finished SW: Shadow Games last night. It was decent. Liked that Dash Rendar was the focus. I personally think he's a character that could be explored a little further.


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