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    Quote Originally Posted by Tycho View Post
    OK, speculation about E7 has moved around the issue of how Lucas wanted to show Luke trained his own son.

    a) Who is Ben's mother? Well, if he's still named Ben, and in light of her popularity as possibly the EU's all-time favorite character, Mara Jade (Skywalker). - and I only hope she is not in the movie because Timothy Zahn introduced her as a tough girl in her 20's and seeing her first on-screen appearance as "Aunt Beru" (tough girl in her 50's) is probably not the best way to handle her character. Want a live-action Mara Jade (if she is still maintained in the continuity which seems likely? A between-movie where she still is the Emperor's Hand.

    b) Jaina Solo can still exits (Empress Jaina Fel) but be either off-screen or with some different percentage of screen time than Arndt wanted, and because she's an Empress - if that part of the EU is even mentioned, she is Ben's example of "what not to do." The proverbial bad cousin. [Jaina Solo also has a huge following, multiple fan clubs, and not a character Disney wants to mess with - I hope anyway]

    The Tarkin book looks great if only because James Luceno is the best SW author! (Plagueis, Labrynth of Evil - and yes he's written other SW titles like Cloak of Deception, Millennium Falcon, and they rank amongst my favorites, but the first two I mentioned are his best).
    Couple of issues, Tycho. For "a," he'd be named Waru, if he is named after "the EU's all-time favorite character." I doubt Disney would confuse the audience with a same-name character (Which Ben is that? The old man, or the kid? Wait, I though he was Obi-Wan?)

    For "b," I'm not sure Jaina'd be in the "Disney Princess" category, but you may be onto something there.

    For "c," Luceno has been probably the best recent EU author who's consistently published lately (Zahn's been less frequent, I think). I, too look forward to his works.
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    I can't help but wonder if knowledge this was all getting canned is why recent books have been so poorly edited.

    No interest in new EU at this point. Not to be a spoilsport, but it's ridiculous. First everything was canon. Then Marvel wasn't. Then it was again. Then Lucas demonstrated he could override anything since he hasn't been overseeing everything as previously stated.

    Then Clone Wars II, The Force Unleashed, and Brian Wood's comic ran roughshod over everything. But now it's all crap.

    I might read Luceno and Zahn from now on, plus Watson and Stackpole, should they return. But no interest in starting over. Eff that Star Trek Redux BS.

    I propose we call all non-film works from this point on "the Star Wars Expanded nUniverse" (EnU for short) like the derisive term for DC's New 52.
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    Like I said from the get-go, I knew the EU was getting the shaft. I feel terrible for the Zahns of this world who carried, revitalized, and made it possible for the prequals to even exist, but when the bottom line is the almighty dollars, that's what you have.

    I still hope they use the names and relationships created in the EU. Not just to pay respects to those that "saved" Star Wars, but to avoid confusion. When speaking of Lukes wife, it would be easier if we didn't have to say, "Which one, the lame, movie one or the kick-butt, pretend one?"
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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    I might read Luceno and Zahn from now on, plus Watson and Stackpole, should they return. But no interest in starting over. Eff that Star Trek Redux BS.
    Would love to read more from Watson. I've been aiming to reread the Last of the Jedi series.

    I met Stackpole at GenCon several years ago, and he and I spoke for a few minutes. He had a bad fallout with either the publisher or Lucasfilm over his books and the chances of him writing another SW novel was thin.

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    I think this is why they should keep the names:

    Mara Skywalker
    Ben Skywalker

    Jaina Solo (Empress Jaina Fel - could just be referred to as "The Empress" and never put on screen)*
    Allanah Solo (if there is a grand-daughter and Jacen Solo is dead or never mentioned)

    Anakin Solo was very cool but he never needs to be mentioned.

    *The Solos might not associate with their daughter any longer. I am not caught up on the books (having been writing Buried Values) but here's what I might guess:

    Han is fed-up with the Jedi Order.

    1) He lost 2 sons in the service (if Jacen is dead, and Anakin is or is NOT acknowledged - all's that's required as Han is fed up)
    2) Jaina is disinherited. The family fought to defeat the Empire, and she marries into it, becomes the Empress and has killed her own brother.
    3) Chewie if dead, or in E7 if only until he dies (if he's not cast for the Young Han Solo "tween movie") is a tragic result of Jedi service^

    ^ In the EU, Chewie dies to save Anakin Solo, who put himself in danger to save refugees since he was a Jedi apprentice.

    In Dark Horse's final "Legacy" series, Ania Solo has the Solo name. The only passage down of the Solo name might come from Allanah having a son out-of-wedlock.+

    +Let's get with reality and not pretend everyone follows "conventional morals" because the MAJORITY does not and just lies about it (insert your alleged - yes alleged - religious preference here, hypocrites). Disney execs aren't (insert your religion here) they are there to make money, so I'm DIGUSTED that they pretend to be (insert your religious / moral preference here). Miley Cyrus is a realistic example of a Disney graduate.

    Anyway, assuming Allanah has a child out of wedlock, (she's a Solo and the daughter of the latest Dark Lord of the Sith), if she has all male sons, grandsons, great-grandsons, then I think Ania Solo can exist (as a Solo, related to Han Solo)

    This is 150 years beyond the sequel trilogy's scope. With Disney's decision to let Dark Horse (I assume or Marvel reprinting Dark Horse) keep these titles in print (at least in Trade Paperback), Ania Solo will still be available.

    If Del Rey is retaining the book license (they call Tarkin and Rebels a re-launch but it has no affect on Fate of the Jedi or Heir To The Empire (possibly - they use HTTE's picture in the SW news article and JACEN and JAINA were BORN in HTTE (5 years post ROTJ, 9 yrs ABY).

    And you're right, if SW EU becomes an Infinities like Star Trek books (where in one, Kirk could be the offspring of a Gorn (J/K), then I'm done with SW books - and this from the producer of Rogues' Gallery (remember that, old timers?)
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    Not sure, but Princess Lablemaker to the Rescue by Tom Angleberger could be the last in the Origami Yoda series. I really liked how this book progressed. And there's enough to re-start the storylines, too. Teacher Forumites: it mentions Common Core, standardized testing, worksheets, board meetings, funding, why-I-went-into-education revelations, field trips, and more (all of these are positives in the book ).
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    Not happy with the current direction of EU? Don't worry since that doesn't matter anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimJamBonds View Post
    Not happy with the current direction of EU? Don't worry since that doesn't matter anymore.
    Too soon for a Golden Shovel Award!
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    Maybe it should be "currant" direction of the EU, with the fruity decision to can it. :eww:
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    I started a thread about what Timothy Zahn said in a recent interview, post Disney announcement on the EU.

    In short,

    1) he might be asked and interested in writing SW books again
    2) old EU might not be acknowledged, but it might NOT be discounted (all, or segments)
    3) some might be altered or just assumed to have happened as it did in the EU if you want to imagine that, as some is acknowledged:

    (Jaina, born in HTTE (The Last Command, book 3) and Mara (Ben Skywalker's mother, likely absent in the sequels but maybe in-between movies)

    Zahn is the father of a majority of the most popular EU characters:

    Grand Admiral Thrawn
    the Noghri species
    Mara Jade
    Talon Karrde (not nec. most popular, but he got an action figure)
    Jaina Solo (best selling Kotobukia of all-time such they ran a 2nd edition)
    Jacen Solo / Darth Caedus
    Winter (her mother was Bail Organa's aide in ROTS)
    Joruus C'Boath (maybe also not most popular, but cloning Jedi was first approached)
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