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Thread: July Hauls

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    I just picked up the Han, Luke, Vader, Hammerhead, and R5 from the Tat. wave. I'm now completely caught up. They also had at least a dozen Sandtroopers at the WM I found 'em at but since I already have him I didn't get any.

    I also got the Luke Speeder Bike and the Episode III Falcon.

    What's so special about the Falcon for it to say limited and have a foil banner?
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    2 Sandtroopers
    1 Hem Dazon
    Titanium Luke's Speeder bike, Republic Cruiser (passed on the ROTS Falcon. i think it's the one per case chase for this wave, slicker), Optimus Primal, Jazz
    Knights of the Old Republic #6
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    Yeah, that Ep 3 Falcon is 1 per case which is why it's got the foil sticker.

    WM was very very good to me today, not super great (if they had Alternators Mirage it would have been ) but nicely dicely:

    TSC Sandtrooper x2
    TSC Momaw Nadon
    Transformers Cybertron Menasor
    Titanium Series Ultra 6" AT-AT

    Haven't opened any yet so nothing to say about 'em.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

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    I finally hauled in the Saga Tatooine wave, so I'm happy for now.
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    I have to go check for that titanium AT-AT I love the idea of it and yesterday in Walmart I held a Death Star Exclusive titanium set and I really want to go get that too!

    excellent traders; Val Da Car, Dark Marble, Commtech and info from KidHuman
    Looking for: Master Replicas Darth Maul .45 scale full lightsaber & a 12" Grievous

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    Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (PS2) - $12.99
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    Opinions about the stuff I got recently:

    Star Wars Transformers ARC-170/Clone Pilot - It's a good set solid in both modes, I can certainly look past the kibble, but I'm not sure everybody will be as forgiving.

    Star Wars Transformers Imperial Shuttle/Emperor - I like how the vehicle mode looks but it's not entirely stable, and I like how the robot looks from a Transformers standpoint more than a Star Wars one, even if it is kibbly and somewhat flawed.

    TSC Sandtrooper - Using the VOTC Stormtrooper body makes this guy a bit more slight than he should be, but his gear helps counteract that. His articulation is almost too much, good for posing but might slow down play. The weathering looks good but I hate that they left it off the feet; the paint on his helmet is a bit heavy-handed and I saw a lot of 'em with slop here. The dewback staff looks good but the figure could never sit atop a dewback because of how close together his legs are, the staff also is a bit thick for his dainty hands. The blaster is the wide-grip version and fits in his hand fine, but still doesn't fit in the faux-holster very well. The backpack is nifty but doesn't stay on the figure for crap. His pauldron is black and stiff plastic, I wish it was a little more rubbery. The figure comes with his belt cylinder separately, he can't wear it while using the backpack, so you can remove the backpack and pauldron, plug in the cylinder, and get a regular Stormtrooper covered in orange overspray (I believe there was one like that in ANH with the Sandtroopers). Good figure, but I wish the paint was more neatly applied, and the backpack stayed on the figure.

    TSC Momaw Nadon - Hammerhead strikes back! Momaw Nadon has been among my favorite SW aliens since the POTF2 figure which blew me away back then. This TSC one is a very cool figure, it's far more accurate than the POTF2 version with a great sculpt and paint job, yet that POTF2 figure is good enough that I plan on keeping him around as well. TSC Nadon here has a narrower but longer head sculpt and a paint wash to bring out the sculpt's character, plus his stereo mouths are still playing an important part. The neck turns side to side, and sports a scarf at the base that's a separate piece. The body and limbs are well-designed but I was expecting a little more articulation in the arms, Nadon sports just standard-six POA, so there isn't all that much you can pose him doing. Instead of weapons, Nadon comes with a bar glass in his hand, a cantina short table, and a tall gold staff which seems a tad flashy for this cantina denizen. I am glad they updated the figure with this new sculpt, it's certainly worth getting, but somehow it's not quite as exciting as when I first got that POTF2 Momaw Nadon figure - I wouldn't even suggest to newbies that they track that POTF2 one down (unless you want the galaxy's largest handgun... which comes with a gardener figure?), buy this new one and you'll be happy.

    Titanium Series Ultra 6" AT-AT - this is the first Titanium Ultra 6" I've gotten in the non-WM-exclusive line. The changes to the Action Fleet sculpt are myriad, but they still kept its essence which is good because it really understood the movie version - they did ditch all the opening cockpit stuff though which is too bad, now only a removable panel on the right rear shows the interior, and that's just a flat plate with a little tech and a pair of speederbikes sculpted in. I was expecting more metal with this thing, the head and upper armor is the only metal except for screws and pins, the rest is plastic - the paint wear matches most of the plastic with the metal nicely, there's only a few bare spots. The neck moves on a ball joint, a little more range than the AF version but nothing crazy. The big deal here is the knee articulation, it works fine but looks a bit bulky, the ball-jointed ankles work better and do hold the vehicle upright, I'm still trying to find a great pose for it as it's a little tough to work with the hips, feet, and knees in concert. The AF version was a bit too narrow so the legs had a hard time passing each other and that's the case with this TS version too. There's also an included mini snowspeeder, it too sadly is plastic rather than metal, and it has 2 laser blasts sculpted to the front which plug into 2 holes on the right rear leg interior, that's how it's supposed to be displayed, like it's flying under the AT-AT firing at the leg (the prototype had a separate stand, but that got dumped), this'd be ok except the laser material is far too rubbery to hold it this way for long. The big plastic display sports a lot of twisties which is odd since the feet have holders in the base and the body is also screwed down into long clear posts (I had no trouble unscrewing and rescrewing this as they're hollow posts). Ultimately, I wish they had gone a little further with this, more metal, snowspeeder made of metal, something, it's good but needed a little more for $20.

    Transformers Cybertron Menasor - Ignoring Hasbro's incorrect interpretations of what's going on with this figure, the vehicle mode ain't as bad as I expected, the minicon interaction in vehicle mode is alright, the bot looks better than I expected, and I love the minicon-in-the-chest gimmick. But even if I overlook that he doesn't exactly have hands and the electronic gimmick is awful and the vehicle mode rear end doesn't lock down, he still has a very serious flaw in how his waist falls apart constantly and this kills the figure.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    Titanium Starscream and Autobot Ark
    G.I. Joe Bombstrike and Croc Master 2 pack (for custom fodder)
    Cars Flo's V8 Cafe
    Superman Slurpee Cup from 7-11 with "Artic Blast" flavored slurpee

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    I got the TRU Hunt For Grievous Battle Pack today, complete with acceptable paint apps on all my clones.

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    So the Canadian has a Battle Pack I've not found yet. Oh, is this irony or what? Are those hitting stores up there?
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