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    Toys R Us' New Site Online

    Toys R Us' New Site Online

    Toys R Us and Amazon have parted ways, and the world's biggest toy store is now online.

    We first brought you the story of Toys R Us and Amazon's split back on June 6th, and last night as June turned to July, the Toys R Us website went online. The new TRU site cannot use user accounts from their Amazon site, so customers can shop as guests or sign up a new account. If you preordered anything through the Amazon site that wasn't available at the time, unfortunately the order has been cancelled and a full refund has been given. The new site's address is, not surprisingly, .
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    Great fun if you don't mind a $2 premium for the privilege of purchasing online. Scorch is available for $8.99
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    Quote Originally Posted by JON9000
    Scorch is available for $8.99
    I noticed that too, but if you click on him it says "Temporarily Not Available Online".
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    They ain't got much of anything, and the is no better. This could be the final nail in the coffin of TRU. As much as I used to love them, it seems like it's time for them to shape up or give up the ghost.

    And, hmmm, this "new" site looks suspiciously like a cross between and
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